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The golf ball markers’ hat clip is an underrated golf accessory. This tiny yet mighty clip can make a big difference on the golf course. Now you might be wondering, “Why do I need a hat clip to hold my markers? Can’t I just put them in my pocket or something?”

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Golf Ball Markers Hat Clip
Golf Ball Markers Hat Clip (

Well, let me tell you a little story that might change your mind.

Long before I was exposed to the golf ball markers’ hat clip, I used to go on a scavenger hunt every now and then on the green. I would just (occasionally though) nail that perfect approach shot and feel like Jordan Spieth at playing golf until … uh oh, can’t find my golf ball marker to mark the position of my ball. I start searching pockets and even my bag for it to magically appear but sadly no luck.

Been there. Done That.

Because let’s face it, you have got to keep the game moving.

So what do you do?

You would use a leaf or twig as your make-shift marker since hey after all the play needs to move on.

But no more scavenging for makeshift markers

No more carrying around extra things in your pockets while struggling through the madness of digging deep into the abyss referred to as a golfer pocket.

Just pluck the marker off the clip, mark the spot, and get on with the play.

Now I see what you are thinking “Will it fall off my hat anyway?” That is where magnetism comes in. These hat clips have super magnets that will keep one’s marker in place even when you are swinging for the fences or, you know, trying not to hit into the rough. Your marker remains unmovable during each swing, every putt, and maybe an occasional victory dance.

Durable and Strong Hat Clips for Golf Ball Markers

Magnetic Hat Clips Comparison

Magnetic Clip Image Material Diameter (in) Quantity Price ($)
GHHJX Magnetic Golf Hat Clip p1 Metal 0.98 6 8.99
GreenHaven Magnetic Hat Clips 3 Nickel Alloy 1 3 6.99
ADHERE Leather Magnetic Golf Hat Clip 4 1 Vegan Leather 1.18 2 9.99
Eshan Golf Ball Marker Hat Clip 5 Nickel Alloy 1.25 6 9.95
Finger Ten Golf Ball Marker Hat Clip 6 1 Silicone 1 3 8.99
ONEDIGI Golf Ball Marker Hat Clip 7 1 Nickel Alloy 1 6 9.69

The following list of magnetic golf hat clips is tried and tested by me. I can vouch for their durability and value to money.

Note: All the metallic clips will rust eventually depending on these factors.

GHHJX Golf Ball Marker Hat Clip

GHHJX Golf Ball Marker Hat Clip
GHHJX Golf Ball Marker Hat Clip (

These golf ball dimple-inspired (indention) markers feature a super-strong magnet that provides top-notch security. This golf marker clip can be easily attached to your hat, belt, or glove. These hat clips are crafted with premium metal and chrome plating for long-lasting life and durability.

A high-quality iron is used for the clips whereas the back has corrosion-free nickel plating. This ball marker hat clip looks sleek and decent. Unlike cheaper alternatives that might damage your hat, these clips are designed for easy and secure attachment without causing any harm to your golf accessories.

This can be a perfect gift idea for friends.

Just remember, if they get wet, it’s best to remove and dry them promptly to avoid any rust-like residue on your

This set has 6 golf ball marker hat clips.

GreenHaven Pack of Golf Ball Marker Hat Clip

GreenHaven Pack of Golf Ball Marker Hat Clip
GreenHaven Pack of Golf Ball Marker Hat Clip (

The GreenHaven hat clip features a plain design without indentions. This hat clip has a strong magnetic force that is compatible with metals. Their magnetic force is strong enough to hold your golf ball marker. Made with Nickel alloy, the build is sturdy and corrosion-free.

One of the best things about a pack is that you can attach them to multiple hats, gloves, or belts. Often golfers choose different hats. This way, you won’t have to detach and reattach the hat clip on multiple golf accessories.

However, if you want the same magnetic strength with a golf ball dimple-like hat clip, you can choose the black version with indentions.

These are available in sets of 3 and 6.

ADHERE Golf Ball Marker Hat Clip

ADHERE Golf Ball Marker Hat Clip
ADHERE Golf Ball Marker Hat Clip (

The ADHERE leather golf ball markers have an unconventional shape yet are rich in their utility. Made from high-quality vegan leather, these clips are environmentally friendly. They are soft and comfortable. The strong magnetic force ensures that the golf ball markers stay in place on your hat securely.

These are easy to use and can be attached to the hat in just a few seconds. Unlike low-price regular golf ball marker hat clips that rust over time, these Adhere clips are rust-resistant.

These vegan leather golf marker hat clips are 3.94″ long and 1.18″ in diameter. Weighing only 10 grams, they are one of the lightest magnetic hat clips that won’t add any unnecessary bulk to your hat.

These come in sets of 2. Alternatively, multiple options are available, including antique silver, nickel, brass, and shiny nickel.

Eshan Golf Ball Marker Hat Clip

Eshan Golf Ball Marker Hat Clip
Eshan Golf Ball Marker Hat Clip (

The magnetic strength of the Eshan golf ball markers’ hat clips is no joke. With a built-in 10mm reinforced magnet, it can securely hold onto any metal ball markers. The diversity of colors is worth the investment. It has 2 pieces each in galvanized silver, black, and bronze colors.

Built with high-quality alloy and nickel-plated, they not only look sleek in their silver, black, and bronze colors but are also incredibly durable and resistant to corrosion.

The 1″ flat disc plate accommodates ball markers of various sizes. It can secure even those ball markers that measure 1.25″. They can be easily clipped onto golf gloves, bags, hats, visors, belts, shorts, trousers, shirts, or pockets, providing quick access to ball markers whenever needed on the course.

The quality of these clips is amazing.

Finger Ten Golf Ball Marker Hat CliFinger Ten Golf Ball Marker Hat Clipp

Finger Ten Golf Ball Marker Hat Clip
Finger Ten Golf Ball Marker Hat Clip (

These silicone golf ball marker hat clips are rare. Built mainly from silicone, this hat clip is odorless. Based on its design, these are incredibly easy and convenient to use. These are compatible with metal golf ball markers. It easily grabs onto the ball marker. 

Unlike traditional hat clips, there is no gap when the two magnets are attracted together. This ensures a secure hold on the golf ball marker without the risk of it slipping off. Each clip is 1.7″ long and 1″ in diameter.

The versatility of these silicone hat clips is good. This may be attached to sleeves or collars, trousers, and also can hang on the edges of pockets. This clip is not just limited to marking golf balls. It can be useful for sorting files or scorecards as well.

As much as the appearance is unique, it will become loose over a longer time and might have stability issues. This set of hat clips comes in a pack of 3. 

ONEDIGI Golf Ball Marker Hat Clip

ONEDIGI Golf Ball Marker Hat Clip
ONEDIGI Golf Ball Marker Hat Clip (

Crafted from nickel-plated alloy, this hat clip is not only durable but also corrosion-resistant. The strong magnetic strength adds to its appeal, with a textured (indentions) surface that effectively prevents slipping.

It features an adjustable clip. By adjusting the distance of the clip with the disc, you can customize the fit. This ensures a snug and secure hold. It is as simple as squeezing the clip when it is loose or pulling it outwards when it is tight.

You can clip it onto the rims of your hats, gloves, pants, bags, or belts. This golf ball marker holder is easy to use. With a diameter of 1″, it is the perfect size for most standard golf ball markers, catering to both men and women golfers.

It comes in a pack of 6 hat clips.

People Also Ask

What are Golf Ball Marker Hat Clips?

Golf ball marker hat clips are accessories used to securely hold golf ball markers on hats, visors, or other golf gear worn during a round of golf.

How do Golf Ball Marker Hat Clips Work?

Golf ball marker hat clips typically feature a magnetic design, allowing them to easily attach to the brim of a hat or other fabric surfaces. The magnet holds the ball marker in place, ensuring it remains easily accessible during play.

Are Golf Ball Marker Hat Clips Compatible with All Types of Hats?

Yes, most golf ball marker hat clips are designed to be compatible with a variety of hat styles, including baseball caps, visors, and bucket hats. However, it’s essential to check the specific product details to ensure compatibility with your hat.

Can Golf Ball Marker Hat Clips Hold Different Sizes of Ball Markers?

Many golf ball marker hat clips are designed to accommodate standard-sized ball markers. However, some clips may have adjustable features or come with adapters to fit various marker sizes. It’s advisable to check the product specifications for compatibility with your markers.

How do I care for My Golf Ball Marker Hat Clip?

To maintain the performance and appearance of your golf ball marker hat clip, it’s recommended to clean it regularly with a soft cloth and mild detergent. Avoid exposing the clip to excessive moisture or harsh chemicals, as this may cause damage to the magnet or finish.

The golf ball markers’ hat clip is a worthwhile investment if you struggle to find ball markers while playing. These not only keep your markers secure but also save time and tension on the course.

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