Golf Cart Dimensions – 2, 4, 6, 8, and 10 Seater

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Golf carts are a common sight on the golf courses. This is attributed to much of their functionality and utility. These are useful in other settings as well. However, golf carts do not have a universal size. Their dimensions vary based on seats and models. This blog will share the standard and average golf cart dimensions.

The standard golf cart size is 92″L x 48″W x 75″H for a two-seater cart.

Standard Golf Cart Dimensions
Standard Golf Cart Dimensions (

Potential Uses of Golf Carts

  • Golf courses
  • Resorts and hotels
  • Retirement communities
  • Campgrounds
  • Theme parks
  • Sports stadiums and arenas
  • Industrial facilities and warehouses
  • College and university campuses
  • Residential neighborhoods and gated communities
  • Farms and agricultural properties

What Are Golf Cart Dimensions?

Mostly, people refer to the length, width, and height to determine cart dimensions. However, they often disregard the importance of wheelbase and turning radius.

Let’s briefly describe what are these dimensions and why they are important for golf carts.

Golf Cart Length

Standard Golf Cart Length
Standard Golf Cart Length (

The length of the golf cart is the measurement of the length from the front bumper to the rear bumper.

On average, the length varies from 92-144 inches depending on the seats.


Mostly, length is the sole determinant of the overall size of the golf cart. Length impacts its maneuverability on narrow paths. Length also determines the ideal golf cart parking dimensions.

Golf Cart Width

Standard Golf Cart Width
Standard Golf Cart Width (

The width refers to how wide is a golf cart. The standard practice to measure the golf cart width is from the widest points. These are either the wheel arches or the outer edges of the golf cart tires.

The most common average width of the golf carts is between 47-49 inches.


The golf cart’s width impacts the cart’s stability on different terrains and its compatibility with narrow passages.

Golf Cart Height

Standard Golf Cart Height
Standard Golf Cart Height (

The golf cart height is the measure from the ground to the highest point of the cart. It is usually the highest point on the roof or canopy.

Like golf car width, the height of the golf cart is usually static in the 70-80 inch range.


The height determines the golf cart’s ability to navigate under low-hanging obstacles such as tree branches or doorways. It primarily affects the golfer’s or passenger’s comfort and safety.

Golf Cart Wheelbase

Standard Golf Cart Wheelbase
Standard Golf Cart Wheelbase (

Often ignored in the golf cart dimensions, golf cart wheels are also an important determinant of the overall size. It is the distance between the centers of the front and rear wheels.


Wheelbase affects the stability and balance of the golf cart. Longer wheelbases provide greater stability but potentially sacrifice maneuverability in tight spaces. In contrast, shorter wheelbases offer better maneuverability while compromising stability.

Golf Cart Turning Radius

Golf Cart Turning Radius
Golf Cart Turning Radius (

The turning radius of a golf cart is the minimum space required for the cart to make a complete 180-degree turn without hitting obstacles or exceeding its physical limitations. It is affected by factors such as wheelbase length, steering mechanism, and golf cart tire dimensions.


Turning radius impacts the golf cart’s ability to navigate tight turns and confined spaces.

Average Golf Cart Dimensions (2,4, and 6 Seater)

Normally, irrespective of seating capacity, the width and the height of a golf cart remain the same. However, the change in golf cart dimensions is hugely attributed to the length.

The following image shows a comparison of different golf cart dimensions.

Average Golf Cart Dimensions
Average Golf Cart Dimensions (

As you can see here, the primary changes are in length and wheelbase.

Golf Cart Dimensions of EZ Go, Yamaha, and Club Car

The following three companies are the best manufacturers of golf carts.

Dimensions of EZ-Go Golf Car

EZ Go is an established and well-trusted brand of golf carts. The following eight EZ Go golf cart models are best-selling.

Dimensions of EZ Go Golf Carts
Dimensions of EZ Go Golf Carts (

Dimensions of Yamaha Golf Cart

Yamaha Drive golf car and Yamaha UMAX are some of the best golf cart options when it comes to durability.

Dimensions of Yamaha Golf Carts
Dimensions of Yamaha Golf Carts (

Dimensions of Club Car Golf Cart

The Club Car Precedent is the best golf cart by Club Car manufacturers.

Dimensions of Club Car Golf Carts
Dimensions of Club Car Golf Carts (

Notable Factors for Golf Cart Functionality

Whereas dimensions are important, some other factors are equally important to consider.

Seating Capacity

Golf Cart Seating Capacity
Golf Cart Seating Capacity (

The seating capacity and space are of utmost importance in settings where transportation is the primary concern.

Mostly, the seating capacity ranges from two-seater to six or even more seats.

Common seating arrangements include front-facing bench seats, individual bucket seats, and rear-facing flip seats that can be converted to cargo space.

Cargo Space

Golf Cart Cargo Space
Golf Cart Cargo Space (

Golf carts often feature a cargo space for transporting equipment and supplies. Cargo space may be located in designated compartments, under seats, or on racks attached to the cart’s frame.

The design of cargo space varies among different golf cart models. Some models offer ample storage for high-volume items like golf bags or coolers along with cargo straps.

Whereas, others prefer more seating capacity. This limits the golf cart’s cargo usage.

Larger models have better golf cart basket dimensions and vice versa.

Weight Distribution

Golf Cart Weight Distribution
Golf Cart Weight Distribution (

Weight and load capacity directly impact the performance of a golf cart in regards to its performance, safety, and usability.

Proper weight distribution ensures balanced performance. It prevents issues such as tipping or loss of control, especially when driving over the slopes or uneven terrain.

Load Capacity

Golf Cart Load Capacity
Golf Cart Load Capacity (

Whereas, the load capacity is the total weight that a golf cart can safely carry. Overloading results in reduced performance and damage to the golf carts.

Gas vs Electric Golf Cart Dimensions

There are four different aspects where Gas vs Electric golf cart dimensions may or may not be the same.

  • Length, Width, and Height
  • Weight Distribution
  • Load Capacity
  • Running Time

Length, Width, and Height

Electric and gas golf carts of the same model typically have the same length, width, and height dimensions.

Weight Distribution

Gas golf carts are slightly heavier than electric ones due to the weight of the engine, fuel tank, and exhaust system. Whereas electric golf carts are generally lighter because they do not have these additional components.

Load Capacity

Load capacity is most certainly affected by the weight difference between electric and gas carts. Gas carts, being heavier, have a slightly higher load capacity compared to electric carts of the same model.

Running Time

Running time varies greatly between gas and electric golf carts. Electric golf carts typically have longer battery timings compared to gas carts. In contrast, Gas carts have longer operating times between refueling but may require more frequent maintenance to ensure optimal performance.

How to Transport and Store a Golf Cart?

Transporting and storing golf carts properly is essential to ensure their safety, longevity, and durability. Follow the steps mentioned in the table below.

Use a Trailer or Golf Cart Carrier To transport a golf cart over long distances or on highways, it is best to use a trailer specifically designed for golf carts or a golf cart carrier attached to a vehicle. Choosing appropriate golf cart trailer dimensions is important.
Secure the Cart's Accessories Before transporting the golf cart, remove any detachable accessories such as golf bags, coolers, or club cleaners. Secure these items separately to prevent them from shifting or causing damage to the cart during transit.
Check Tire Pressure and Battery Charge Before loading the golf cart onto the trailer or carrier, check the tire pressure to ensure that all tires are properly inflated. If you have an electric golf cart, ensure that the battery is fully charged to avoid any issues during transportation.
Drive Carefully and Avoid Sharp Turns When transporting the golf cart, drive cautiously and avoid sudden stops, sharp turns, and excessive speeds.
Choose a Safe and Dry Storage Location To store a golf cart, choose a safe and dry location such as a garage, shed, or covered storage area. Ensure that the storage area is well-ventilated and free from moisture to prevent rust and corrosion.
Cover the Golf Cart To protect the golf cart from dust, dirt, and debris, consider covering it with a breathable, weather-resistant cover.
Perform Regular Maintenance Periodically check the golf cart for any signs of damage, wear, or corrosion. Perform routine maintenance tasks such as cleaning, lubricating moving parts, and checking fluid levels to ensure that the cart remains in optimal condition.

What is the Standard Size of a Golf Cart?

The standard golf cart size is 92″L x 48″W x 75″H for a two-seater cart. The length increases with the addition of subsequent seats whereas the width and the height remain constant.

How Wide is a Standard Golf Cart?

The standard width of a golf cart is between 47-49 inches.

How Long is a Standard Golf Cart?

The standard length for a two-seater golf cart is 92 inches. Whereas for a four-seater and six-seater, it is 110 inches and 144 inches respectively.

How Tall is a Standard Golf Cart?

The standard height of a golf cart is 75 inches.

Are There Regulations for Golf Cart Width on Public Roads?

Yes, there are regulations. However, these vary from place to place. Typically, golf carts can be up to 60″ inches wide on public roads to ensure safe passage and compliance.

How Does Load Capacity Vary Based on Golf Cart Dimensions?

Larger carts with longer wheelbases and wider widths have higher load capacities. This allows them to carry heavier loads of passengers and cargo without compromising safety or performance.

Golf cart dimensions are not just numbers. These are critical factors that define the cart’s capabilities and performance in any given setting.

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