How To Clean A Golf Bag

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Have you ever felt the urge to clean up your golf bag, but did not know how to clean a golf bag? We are sure that after reading this blog, you will give yourself an excuse to do so because it’s been a while and it’s time for a little “winter cleaning”!

Keeping your golf gear in good condition is essential, but it can be pretty time-consuming and tedious. This blog aims to teach you the basics of how to clean a golf bag without damaging it or compromising its quality and cutting down on time spent cleaning the golf bag.

Cleaning a golf bag can be a tricky task to complete regardless of the type of bag you have or the amount of time you put in. Being successful at it will still require some hard work on your part. However, through this informational blog, you will find recommendations and steps to clean your golf bag without difficulty.

How To Clean A Golf Bag


Evaluate The Condition Of The Golf Bag

Before starting the cleaning process, we urge golfers to evaluate the condition of their golf bags. Start by looking comprehensively at the overall condition for the dirt and grimy stains that require extra attention. A quick survey of the top compartments, front and side zipper pockets, and straps of the golf bag will save time while you are in the process.

Prerequisites For The Cleaning Process

After evaluating the condition, it’s time to gather the prerequisite material for the efficacious cleaning of the golf bag. Following is the checklist required.
● Liquid Soap or Liquid Detergents
● Stain-remover
● Clean Cloth
● Cleaning Rag
● Wiping Rag
● Water Source
● Bucket
● Vacuum Cleaner (Optional)

Process of How To Clean A Golf Bag

As this blog aims to answer how to clean a golf bag without much of a fuss, therefore, we have divided the process into three parts to make it easier to apprehend for our readers.


To start, we will empty the golf bag. Making sure that there is nothing in the top compartments and zipper pockets. Take out all of the equipment and gear from the golf bag. Trust us, you don’t them soaked in the water. Recheck, and move on to the next step.
Make a solution of the liquid detergent or soap with warm water in the bucket to use in the following steps.

Cleaning Steps

 ● Cleansing
For deep cleaning, we suggest that you use a vacuum cleaner on the empty bag to make sure that there is no dirt, grass, and debris deep in the bag. However, if you don’t have a vacuum cleaner available, you can always use a cleaning rag to cleanse the bag.

 ● Showering
Using the water source, shower your empty golf bag mildly. Do not soak your bag because it will leave a foul odor in the bag.

 ● Rinsing
Once mildly wet, dip the clean cloth in the solution bucket and start rinsing the bag with soft hands. For grimy stains, you can use a stain remover but make sure that you do not overdo the scrubbing because it might cause changes in the composition of the golf bag.

 ● Showering
After applying the solution to your bag (outside, inside, zipper pockets, and straps), shower the bag mildly again to wash away the applied solution from the bag completely.

 ● Wiping
Leave it for a couple of minutes and then use the wiping rag to dry off the dampness of the bag.


Once the cleaning process is complete, the last step in how to clean a golf bag guide is drying the bag. We suggest that you dry the bag upside down. Following are a few recommendations.
● Dry it outside in the sun.
● Dry it inside at room temperature.
● At least leave it to dry for 12-15 hours (depending on weather conditions).

Do’s and Dont’s


● Prefer liquid detergents.
● Shower the bag lightly.
● Rinse with soft hands.
● Dry it for an appropriate time at optimal temperature.


● Do not use solid detergents.
● Make sure your detergent’s composition does not harm your golf bag.
● Do not soak the golf bag.
● Do not scrub and rinse with hard hands.


How often should you clean your golf bag?
There is no hard and fast rule for this, it also varies with how many rounds a golfer plays. As a general recommendation, it is suggested that the golf bag should be cleaned after every 3 months. However, this time interval can change depending on the golfer’s preference and playing routine.

My golf bag lost its pocket’s shape after cleaning, what to do?
Don’t worry, you can reshape the pockets easily. It is a common occurrence after cleaning the golf bag. All you have to do is to put in some rolled cloth, sock, or paper in the pockets and leave it be for 24 hours for them to come to their original shape.

Why does my golf bag smell bad, what to do?
Chances are that you soaked your bag or did not dry it at optimal temperature. There are multiple solutions to this problem. You can apply odor-fighting products to your bag and leave it in the sun for a few hours. You can also wash your bag again with an aromatic detergent and dry it off in the sun or at optimal temperature.


● The average life of a golf bag is 2-3 years. However, it can be extended up to 5 years.
● Depending on the material of the golf bag, they usually weigh between 3-11 pounds.
● Most golf bags have 4 zipper pockets. The number of pockets can go up to 12 in staff bags.

Final Note

Cleaning your golf bag regularly is important for two reasons. First, it will help extend the life of your bag and keep it looking new for longer. Second, it will prevent dirt and grime from getting on your clubs and affecting your game. Even if you are not a neat freak, taking a few minutes to

clean your golf bag each week will pay off in the long run. We hope this blog about how to clean a golf bag helps and motivates you to clean your golf bag regularly. Since golf is a game of feeling, it is always a good feeling to have a clean and tidy

 Happy Golfing!

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