Senior Tees Age (Distance Chart for Tee Selection)

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There used to be a senior tees age rule set by the United States Golf Association (USGA). However, this rule was changed with the introduction of the World Handicap System. Previously, the USGA stated that golfers (men and women) who are 55 years or older can play senior tees on the golf courses.

Senior Tees Updates

senior tees age
USGA Updated Rule about Tee Box Selection (

Now, golfers can play from any of the tee boxes. Based on the player’s skill and ability, they can tee off from any tee box including senior tee boxes.

With the latest developments in rules and recommendations, age brackets are slashed off. Instead of senior tees or ladies’ tees, these are now categorized into three tee boxes.

  • Forward Tees (Green Tees, Red Tees, and Yellow Tees)
  • Middle Tees ( White Tees)
  • Back Tees (Blue Tees, Black Tees, and Championship Tees)

What Are Senior Tees

Senior tee boxes are where senior golfers tee off for the hole. Senior tees are closest to the hole. The fairway is wider from the senior tees.

Although the rules for the senior golf tees are upgraded, it is important to understand the concept behind them.

Age for Senior Tees

The age for playing from the senior tee box used to be 55 years or above. Nevertheless, this age bracket is not final. The age for senior golfers varies from countries, golf associations, local course rules, and tournament play.

Senior tees age could be 45 years at one golf course and 65 at another. Most golf courses recommend 50 years or older for senior tee box or forward tee.

It is important to check with the local rules and golf clubs for the recommended senior tees.

Who Should Use Senior Golf Tees

Now, the age requirement is replaced by driving distance and handicap.

Average Driving Distance

One way to find out which golf tee box to use is through the average driving distance. Although the forward tees are placed 80-100 yards ahead of the back tees. However, this distance makes a huge difference in the total distance of a golf course.

Following is the image of a scorecard of Augusta National Golf Course. In the image, you can see the total course length w.r.t different tee boxes.

senior golf tees
Image Credits: Eamon Lynch

The difference is 1070 yards between the middle tee box (members) and the back tee box (masters). On average, middle tee boxes are 59-60 yards ahead of the master’s tee boxes.

In the following data table, you can analyze the driving distance and which tee box should be used to tee off.

age for senior tees in golf
Tee Box Selection Based on Average Drive Distance (

There are huge yardage distances for all tee boxes. Based on how far your golf ball travels, you should opt for the relative tee box.

Universal Golden Rule for Selection of the Tee Box

One golden rule for the selection is proposed by Chris Mile. It is the rule of 28.

In the rule of 28, a senior golfer multiplies his average driving distance with 28. The result will indicate the selection of the tee box.

For example, let’s consider a few scenarios (Average Driving Yardage x 28 = Yards),

Which tee box for seniors
Rule of 28 for Tee Box Selection (

Similarly, find out your regular tees based on the average driving distance chart above.

  • If your total comes in the range of 2100-4600, play from the senior tees or forward tee box.
  • If your total comes in the range of 4700-6400, play from the middle tees.
  • If your total comes over 6500, play from the professionals’ play tee box or back tee box.

Handicap of Senior Golfers Tees

Handicap also plays an important role in determining which tee box to play from on golf courses. In simple terms, if your handicap is 18 or above, you should play from the front tees (senior tees).

If a golfer’s age is 55 years and his handicap is 7, he should refer to the average driving distance. If his current driving distance falls in the middle tees category, he should play from the middle tee box.

The following table shows which is the right tee box w.r.t. to handicap.

handicap based tee box selection
Tee Box Selection Based on Handicap (

However, some golf courses have only one color tee box. These golf courses do not have separate tee boxes because their course length is shorter. Senior golfers can easily hit shots.

Rule of 85 to Play Tee Shots

This is another rule for amateur golfers. This rule states that you should add your current age to your current handicap.

if your answer is over 85, you should play from the senior tee box. If it is under 85, play from the middle or back tees.

Your current age + Your current handicap = Your Answer

Let’s consider a few scenarios:

  • Golfer A: 55+18= 73. Play from the middle.
  • Golfer B: 63+24= 87. Play from the senior or front tees.
  • Golfer C: 50+28= 78. Play from the middle tee box.
  • Golfer D: 55+10= 65. Play from the back tee box.

Lady golfers should always use the front tee box.

General Rule for Playing Golf from Senior Tee Box

Most golfers follow the following points to play with different tee options.

  • Par 3s

Aim to reach the green in putting range from your drive when using senior golf tees.

  • Par 4s

With the use of senior golf tees, your golf ball should reach the green in the second shot from the tee on par 4 holes.

  • Par 5s

Ensure that par 5 holes are within reach by your third shot when starting from the senior golf tees.

Different Tee Box Colors

Some golf clubs still use colored tee boxes. There are 6 tee box colors based on the distance from the pin.

Tee ColorSuitable for
Green Tee BoxThese are the closest tees. Most juniors, lady golfers, seniors, and recreational rounds are played from the green box.
Red Tee BoxThe second closest to the hole is the red tee box. This is also considered a senior tee.
Yellow Tee BoxThe yellow tee is usually 30 yards more than the green tee box.
White Tee BoxThe white tee is known as the middle tee box. Most golfers play their tee shots from this box. These are 60 yards from the front tee.
Blue Tee BoxThe blue tee box is a professional and PGA Tour-level tee box. Long hitters and 4-7 handicap golfers play from this tee box.
Black Tee BoxThe Black tee box is used in the Champions tour. This is the longest tee box on any golf course.
Tee Box Colors

Benefits and Etiquette of Senior Golf Tee

While the senior tee box has many benefits. It is equally important to understand the golf tee box etiquette.

Benefits of Senior Golf Tees

The following are the benefits of senior golf tees.

Reduced Distance, Enhanced Accuracy

Senior golf tees, positioned closer to the green, reduce the overall course distance. This accommodation allows senior golfers to maintain accuracy without compromising on the challenge, promoting a more enjoyable and precise game.

Optimized for Slower Swing Speeds

Designed with the needs of golfers with slower swing speeds in mind, senior tees provide an ideal platform for maximizing performance. The reduced distance and strategic placement cater to the pace of a slower swing, ensuring that every shot remains impactful and controlled.

Lowering Handicap Challenges

Senior golf tees contribute significantly to lowering challenges for high-handicap golfers. By customizing the game’s length, these tees make the course more manageable, allowing golfers with higher handicaps to navigate the challenges with greater ease and confidence.

Promoting Consistency and Confidence:

The tailored experience offered by senior tees fosters a sense of consistency and confidence among senior golfers. Being able to play from a position that aligns with their capabilities enhances the overall enjoyment of the game, instilling a positive mindset with each swing.

Encouraging Longevity in the Game:

Senior golf tees play a pivotal role in promoting the longevity of a golfer’s journey. By accommodating the evolving needs of senior players, these tees ensure that golf remains a lifelong passion, fostering a sense of community and connection on the green across different age groups.

Etiquette of Tee Box

Adhere to the established rotation system when multiple groups are playing. Respect the order and wait your turn at the senior tee box.Wait for your turn and avoid teeing off too early, disrupting the established order. Patience ensures a fair and organized flow of the course.
Maintain an efficient pace of play to ensure an enjoyable experience for all golfers. Be ready for your shot, and limit unnecessary delays.Minimize distractions and noise around the senior tee box. Create a focused environment that allows everyone to enjoy their golfing experience without unnecessary disruptions.
Extend a helping hand to fellow senior golfers, especially those who may need assistance. Foster a sense of community on the course.Be mindful of your pace and avoid holding up play for other groups. Efficient play contributes to a smoother and more enjoyable round for all.
Take responsibility for maintaining the tee box by repairing divots and ball marks promptly. Leave the tee box in the same or better condition than you found it.While celebrating achievements is natural, avoid excessive celebrations or disruptions that may disturb other golfers on the course. Maintain a respectful and considerate demeanor.
Adhere to any specific course policies or guidelines regarding the use of senior tee boxes. Familiarize yourself with the rules to ensure a harmonious golfing experience.Respect the personal space and concentration of fellow golfers using the senior tee box. Give ample space during swings and putts to ensure a smooth and unhindered game.
Exercise patience and understanding, particularly during crowded tee times. Embrace the relaxed atmosphere of senior tee play and encourage a positive environment.Avoid criticizing or making negative comments about other golfers’ performances. Foster a supportive and positive atmosphere, recognizing that everyone has their unique golfing journey.
Etiquette of Tee Box

People Also Ask

What age can you use senior tees?

Senior golfers usually fall in the bracket of 55 years or older golfers. With the recent developments, age is slashed with players’ distance and handicap.

What age is senior golf for men?

Golfers over the age of 50 years are considered senior golfers.

What is a super senior golfer?

Golfers over the age of 70 are considered super senior golfers.

What do different colored tees mean in golf?

Different colored tees indicate a level playing field with an adjusted distance for short hitters. There are 6 tee colors. These are green, red, yellow, white, blue, and black.

Final Words

To make golf more enjoyable and competitive, different tees were introduced. Over time, these rules have changed. Senior tees age is no longer a concept in golf. These are replaced with 3 distance-based tee boxes. If one was to answer the senior tees age, it would be 55 years or older.

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