Best Nike Golf Shoes Review 2023

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In the world of golf, every stride you take matters. The gentle sway of the grass beneath your feet, the precision of your stance, and the power of your swing are all harmoniously orchestrated in pursuit of that elusive perfect shot. As most golfers know, the right equipment can make or break your game. This equipment can be your golf clubs, golf balls, golf tees, golf apparel, or golf shoes.

Therefore, one has to be considerate of all these factors. Golf shoes are a vital part of the game as they are the binding force between a golfer and the course. This binding force is well understood by none other than Nike. So what is it really about the best Nike golf shoes that put them in the top spot?

Best Nike Golf Shoes

Teeing off under a clear blue sky or facing the challenges of a damp morning course, your choice of footwear can be the game-changer, and Nike’s best golf shoe range is engineered to adapt to every scenario. Let’s discover the top 5 best Nike golf shoes of all time for men and why golf Nike shoes are preferred by 90% of PGA Tour Pros in 2023. 

Nike Golf has always been the pioneering force of innovation for golfers. Their products, PR campaigns, and customer loyalty have always been built on trust and performance. Nike golf shoes are no exception either. The best Nike golf shoes are engineered for sturdy performance, style, functionality, and attention to detail. 

Best Nike Golf Shoes

With this very spirit, Nike has crafted a range of golf shoes that not only cater to your performance needs but also mirror your style on the course.  Nike golf shoes have always been rooted in the game’s traditions. Over the years, they have created a pair of golf shoes that were classic designs. However, as time and requirements changed, Nike golf infused cutting-edge technology that marvels and redefines comfort and stability. Be it waterproof golf shoes, spikeless shoes, or spiked golf shoes, Nike has every type of golf shoe that a golfer needs on the golf course.

However, it isn’t the swoosh of Nike or aesthetics alone. The technical prowess included in these golf shoes such as responsive cushioning systems, traction innovations, BOA technology, react foaming, and meticulous modern designs are what makes these finest golf shoes of Nike the best on the market. These best Nike golf shoes offer the support necessary for those long uneven terrain, and demanding rounds of golf.

So, if you are on the quest for that competitive edge, looking for footwear that not only complements your game but also propels it to new heights, then join us as we explore the pinnacle of golfing innovation: the best Nike golf shoes. Your ultimate swing starts with the right step – let the pair of Nike pave the way to performance, comfort, and unmatched style on the green.

How Did I Test the Best Nike Golf Shoes

It took 36 holes on the same golf course for us to pick the 5 best Nike golf shoes that outperformed other pairs of golf shoes. It was not easy because our testing approach was thorough. I wanted to experience their performance, comfort, and versatility. It was not just a stroll down the fairway. We went to every possible corner of the golf course as our golf balls love to do some exploration intentionally or unintentionally.

For the spiked golf shoes, my approach was simple. We took them out onto the golf course, tackling various terrains that a golfer encounters in a round. From the tee box to the high grass, from the rough to the sand bunkers, we thoroughly assessed how these Nike golf shoes performed on each unique setting. The spike technology’s grip and stability were under the microscope.

Nike Golf Shoes

But golf isn’t just about the game. It’s about the journey across the course. Especially if you like to come prepared for it. You won’t go to the Clubhouse or Player’s Room. You will park your car, wear golf shoes, and start the walk for the first tee box. For this and to fully gauge the potential of the spikeless shoes. I extended the testing to the parking lot.

Furthermore, we took the spikeless golf shoes on walks and even jogged a bit to see how they performed in terms of comfort and support in casual settings and activities beyond golf.

The best Nike golf shoes that underwent this comprehensive testing approach were the Nike Infinity G, the iconic Nike Air Zoom Tiger Woods 20, the cutting edge Nike Air Zoom Infinity Tour Next, the sporty Nike Air Max 90 G, and the stylish Nike Jordan ADG 4.

Now that we have established a trial, how about we jump right into it and start ranking the best Nike shoes to play golf?

Nike Golf Shoes Review

ShoesMaterialWaterproofingSpike TypeFitPrice
Infinity GSynthetic LeatherWater-ResistanySoft SpikesMedium & Wide$70
Air Zoom Tiger Woods 20Premium LeatherWaterproofHybrid (Removable)Medium$150
Air Zoom Infinity Tour NextSynthetic & MeshWater-ResistantSoft SpikesMedium$130-160
Air Max 90 GSynthetic & MeshWater-ResistantIntegrated Cleats (Spikeless)Medium$130
Jordan ADG 4Synthetic & MeshWater-ResistantIntegrated Cleats (Spikeless)True to Size$130-185
Nike Golf Shoes Comparison Table

Nike Infinity G – Best Nike Synthetic Leather Golf Shoes

Let’s start our review with the Nike Infinity G golf shoes. These are low profile and low g golf shoes that can be compared to the Nike Roshe G model. They perfectly blend style and performance providing both comfort while walking and excellent traction during your swings. In terms of looks these classic Nike golf shoes have a minimalist design that catches the eye.

Nike Infinity G Golf Shoes

But it’s not about appearances; these Infinity G golf shoes offer specifications as well. With their combination of integrated spikes and spike-like nubs, they deliver grip on terrains, especially in rough areas and sand bunkers. The cushioning technology ensures an experience during long rounds while the waterproof synthetic upper keeps your feet dry in damp conditions on the course. All these features contribute to stability, support, and a secure fit.

We must say that we were not disappointed by the Nike Infinity G golf shoes. Walking in them was smooth, comfortable and effortless. The grip on the golf course was more than satisfactory too; it provided stability without compromising the golf shots. If you are, in search of golf shoes that offer comfort and affordability, this option should be your go to choice.

Key Features

  • Synthetic leather
  • Plush sockliner cushion
  • Soft foam midsole


Colors: Black/White and White/Balck

Width: Medium and Wide

  • Stylish modern design
  • Responsive cushioning for comfort
  • Versatile traction on various terrains
  • Waterproof upper for all-weather play
  • Dynamic lacing system for secure fit
  • Enhanced stability and support features
  • Limited color options

Nike Air Zoom Tiger Woods 20 – Best Nike Iconic Golf Shoes

After having a chance to play around in the Nike Air Zoom Tiger Woods 20 golf shoes it’s clear why they are highly regarded as top Nike golf shoes. They come with features that live up to the hype; the combination of Nike React foam and Zoom Air technology ensures both comfort and responsiveness with every step. It feels like walking on a cloud that propels you forward. Who would not want to wear a name that is associated with a golfing prowess?

Nike Air Zoom Tiger Woods 20 Golf Shoes

When it comes to aspects, the Tiger Woods 20 golf shoes deliver. The snug fit guarantees stability throughout your swing keeping your foot securely in place. The waterproof design ensures that even morning dew won’t dampen your enthusiasm. And let me tell you the traction system is exceptional – it firmly grips the turf giving you the confidence to unleash swings.

What really sets these shoes apart is how they effortlessly blend performance and style. The sleek design radiates Tiger Woods charisma making a statement both, on and off the golf course. From the tee shot all the way to sinking that putt these shoes feel like a natural extension of your game. In my opinion the Nike Air Zoom Tiger Woods 20 golf shoes truly earn their position, as one of the best golf shoes on the market with an incredible fusion of technology, comfort and a touch of golfing legend. With these comfortable golf shoes, Nike Golf continues to keep its affiliations with the all time great Tiger Woods.

Key Features

  • Foam-padded collar and tongue hug
  • Nike React technology
  • Removable spikes


Colors: Black/White and White/Black

Width: Medium

  • React foam and Zoom Air comfort
  • Secure fit enhances stability
  • The stylish design reflects Tiger Woods’ charisma
  • Excellent waterproof construction
  • Impressive traction for confident swings
  • Traditional lacing system
  • Premium quality and durability

  • Not suitable for wide feet

Nike Air Zoom Infinity Tour Next % – Best Nike Advanced Technology Golf Shoes

As we strolled the fairways in the Nike Air Zoom Infinity Tour Next, we couldn’t help but feel like we were stepping into the world’s next level of golf shoe technology. These aren’t just golf shoes with spikes; they are a masterpiece Nike produced for serious golfers and pro golfers like Rory McIlroy and Brooks Koepka who demand more. They are similar to Nike Air Zoom Victory Tour golf shoes in construction.

Nike Air Zoom Infinity Tour Next Golf Shoes

The standout feature is the Infinity React cushioning, making every step plush and responsive. It’s like walking on air, especially during those longer rounds. And talk about grip – the traction pods underfoot keep you planted through swings, no matter the terrain.

One thing that caught our eye was the sleek and modern design. Nike never compromises on style. Plus, the waterproof upper was a game-saver when the weather took an unexpected turn. These shoes are a testament to Nike’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of what golf shoes can be.

If you are chasing that perfect swing or aiming for a stylish presence on the course, the Nike Air Zoom Infinity Tour Next is undoubtedly one of the top golf shoes you can buy. It’s not just a shoe; it’s a game-changer that lets you tackle the fairways with confidence and flair.

Key Features

  • Plush padded collar
  • 2 Zoom Air units
  • Nike React technology
  • Gusset support


Colors: Black/White, White/Gray, Black/Blue, White/Blue, and White/Red

Width: Medium

  • Infinity React cushioning for comfort
  • Impressive traction with multiple pods
  • The modern, stylish design stands out
  • Durable and weather-resistant construction
  • Enhanced stability during golf swings
  • Suitable for different types of terrains
    • May not fit wide feet

    Nike Air Max 90 G – Best Nike Sporty Look Golf Shoes

    Having teed off in the Nike Air Max 90 G golf shoes, we are thrilled to share why these Nike Air Max golf shoes are regarded as one of the best spikeless options out there. It’s like the iconic Air Max 90 met the golf course and had a hole-in-one moment.

    Nike Air Max 90 G Golf Shoes

    The comfort level is off the charts, thanks to the legendary Air Max cushioning that runs the length of the shoe. I felt the extra bounce with every step, and it certainly eased the fatigue of a long round. The traction is remarkable too; the modified outsole pattern ensures stability without the need for traditional spikes.

    Nike continues its legacy of style with the Air Max 90 G. The fusion of classic sneaker design with golf functionality is a win-win. And let’s talk about versatility – from the tee box to the rough, these shoes adapt seamlessly.

    If you love the Nike Air Max 270 G golf shoes, you will adore the original Nike Air Max 90 G golf shoes. It’s like walking on cotton while keeping your grip on the greens. These shoes are a must-try. They epitomize why Nike remains at the forefront of innovative golf footwear.

    Key Features

    • Heritage look
    • Underfoot comfort
    • Versatile grip


    Colors: Black/Gray, White/Black, Red/Black, and White Red

    Width: Medium

    • Iconic Air Max cushioning comfort
    • Lightweight stylish fusion of classic design
    • Excellent traction without traditional spikes
    • Versatile for various course conditions
    • Lightweight for easy movement
    • Breathable for extended rounds
    • Not fully waterproof

    Nike Jordan ADG 4 – Best Stylish Golf x Basketball Golf Shoes

    Lacing up the Nike Jordan ADG 4 on the greens was like stepping into a world where style meets performance. These aren’t just golf shoes; they’re a fusion of the iconic Nike Jordan lineage and the demands of the course, resulting in a unique pair that truly stands out

    Nike Jordan ADG 4 Golf Shoes


    From tee to green, these shoes offer exceptional comfort. The plush cushioning allowed me to focus on my swing rather than any discomfort in my feet. The traction system, designed for optimal grip, handled different terrains seamlessly, ensuring stability in every shot.

    One standout feature is the design itself. It’s not just golf shoes; it’s a statement. The Jordan-inspired look adds a touch of swag to your game. And trust me, when you’re making those putts, it feels like you’ve got the confidence of the best players in the world.

    If you are looking to make a stylish mark on the golf course without compromising on performance, the Nike Jordan ADG 4 should be your top choice. These shoes from Nike blend the worlds of sport and culture seamlessly, giving you a unique edge that will surely turn heads as you sink those birdies.

    Key Features

    • Full-grain leather
    • Elephant print on the heel
    • Rubber sole


    Colors: Black/Red, Gray/White, and White/Black

    Width: Normal 

    • Iconic Jordan style on the course
    • Comfortable cushioning for extended rounds
    • Innovative traction grips various terrains
    • A unique blend of culture and sport
    • Lightweight and easy to move in
    • Boosts confidence with standout design
    • Less traditional golf shoe appearance

    Factors to Consider When Looking for the Best Nike Golf Shoes

    There are multiple factors to consider when you looking to buy a pair of the best Nike golf shoes. These considerations should be taken into account for a valuable buying decision because a good pair of golf shoes will improve your golf game beyond good.

    Best Golf Shoes of Nike

    Comfort and Fit

    When searching for the best Nike golf shoes it’s important to prioritize comfort and fit, above all else. Spending a day on the course means hours of walking and swinging so it’s crucial to find shoes that offer cushioning to prevent fatigue and discomfort. Additionally a snug fit is essential to ensure your feet stay secure in the shoes avoiding any friction or blisters. Look for models with features like collars, cushioned insoles and a design that naturally cradles your feet.

    Traction Technology

    Traction plays a role in golf as it directly impacts your stance, swing and overall performance. Advanced traction systems with placed spikes or nubs provide grip on various surfaces. Having the right traction prevents slipping during swings and allows for footwork in wet or challenging conditions. It’s beneficial to look for technologies that offer traction to accommodate the movements involved in a golf swing.


    Golf is often played under weather conditions, which is why having waterproof shoes can be a game changer. Wet feet can lead to discomfort and distraction negatively affecting your game. That’s why investing in shoes with capabilities can help you stay focused by keeping your feet dry, throughout your round of golf.

    When it comes to golf shoes having a construction and materials is important. They keep your feet dry and focused so you can concentrate on your shots without worrying about moisture getting in. This feature is especially crucial when playing early in the morning or, on courses.

    Style and Design

    Golf shoes aren’t about function; they also contribute to your appearance on the course. Choose a style and design that matches your taste and complements your golf attire. Whether you prefer a look or something more modern and vibrant Nike offers a variety of options that combine style with the best performance.

    Support and Stability

    Given the movements involved in golf, support and stability are considerations. Look for shoes that offer ankle support through features like padded collars and reinforced panels. Stable outsoles with designs that provide support help maintain balance throughout your swing reducing the risk of twisting an ankle or losing balance during shots.

    Price and Value

    While it may be tempting to opt for the option it’s important to find a balance between price and value. High quality golf shoes often come equipped with technologies for durability and enhanced comfort.
    However, it’s crucial to discover a pair that suits your budget while also providing the features for performance. Take into account how often you engage in playing and the advantages the shoes provide to determine the investment, for your golfing experience.

    FAQs about the Best Nike Golf Shoes

    What golf shoes do Tiger Woods wear?

    Tiger Woods wears Nike golf shoes, often including his signature line, the Nike Air Zoom TW series. Recently launched Nike Air Zoom Tiger Woods 13 has already hit the stores.

    Does Scottie Scheffler wear Tiger Woods shoes?

    No, Scottie Scheffler does not wear Tiger Woods shoes; he has his own line of shoes with a different design.

    Can Nike golf shoes be used for walking?

    Yes, many Nike golf shoes are designed for both golfing and walking, offering versatility on and off the course.

    Are golf shoes comfortable to walk in?

    Yes, modern golf shoes prioritize comfort for walking, featuring cushioning and ergonomic designs to enhance comfort during rounds.

    Which Nike golf shoes does Rory McIlroy wear?

    Rory McIlroy wears various Nike golf shoes, such as the Nike Air Zoom Infinity Tour and the Nike React Infinity Pro.  In 2013, Nike signed a 10-year endorsement deal with Rory McIlroy reportedly worth $200 million, contributing to the popularity of Nike golf shoes.

    Which Nike golf shoes does Brooks Koepka wear?

    Brooks Koepka often wears the Nike Air Zoom Infinity Tour and the Nike React Infinity Pro golf shoes. Nike’s collaboration with Brooks Koepka resulted in the creation of the Air Zoom Infinity Tour golf shoes, which incorporate elements from Nike running shoes, providing golfers with the comfort of a running shoe and the traction needed on the course.

    Does Air Jordan make golf shoes?

    Yes, Air Jordan offers a line of golf shoes known as the Air Jordan Golf series, blending iconic style with golf-specific performance features.

    Facts and Stats about the Best Nike Golf Shoes

    • Nike introduced the “Air Jordan Golf” series, combining basketball and golf styles to create unique and popular golf shoe options.
    • The Nike Air Zoom Infinity Tour Next golf shoes feature a total of 4 traction pods on the outsole for improved grip.
    • Nike’s “Flyknit” technology, used in some golf shoe models, reduces material waste by approximately 60% compared to traditional cut-and-sew methods.
    • Nike’s React foam technology, found in various golf shoe models, offers a 13% energy return, contributing to enhanced comfort and responsiveness during a round of golf.
    • Nike’s Precision Stitching technology, employed in certain golf shoe models, uses a computer-controlled stitching process to ensure consistent quality and accuracy, with each shoe featuring around 50,000 stitches.

    Final Words

    Nike is widely recognized as a leader and pioneer force in the world of golf shoes known for their designs, comfort and stylish appeal. Their golf shoe collection offers a range of performance enhancing features, including cushioning and advanced traction systems. However, our best pick would be the Nike Air Zoom Infinity Tour Next golf shoes.

    If you prefer a contemporary look Nike has you covered, allowing you to elevate your game and take every step on the course with confidence, towards achieving excellence.

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