Nitro Golf Balls Review: Are They Controversial in 2024?

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This Nitro golf balls review talks about some of the most popular Nitro golf balls and importantly, who makes Nitro golf balls. Lately, Nitro golf balls have been the talk of the golf circuit because of their unrealistic golf ball properties. Questions about the legality of these Nitro balls have also risen.

So, are these golf balls any good? Are they competition for the Titleist golf balls or TaylorMade golf balls? Why these Nitro balls are regarded as distance golf balls? Last but not least, are Nitro golf balls legal? Let’s find out.

Who Makes Nitro Golf Balls

Owned by Reliable Knitting Works and based in Florida, USA, Nitro has offered golfers its services for over 25 years. Previously, it was known as Nitro Leisure Products. However, the parent company of Nitro Golf is Golf Gifts and Gallery from the start. Currently, Jay Hanover is serving as the president of the company. He took charge in March 2005.

Nitro Golf specializes in recycled golf balls and equipment and is dedicated to catering to individual clients. They provide a variety of golf balls, including short and long-distance options, as well as crossfire and pulsar balls (all reviewed in this blog).

Additionally, they offer accompanying equipment such as golf sets, bags, and gloves. This ensures that clients have access to durable products at a cost-efficient rate. 

Now that we have established who makes Nitro golf balls, let’s give you our honest Nitro golf balls review.

Nitro Golf Balls Review

Before we move down the review, it is important to establish the brand image of Nitro Golf. These golf balls are ideal for mid to high handicappers, amateurs, seniors, and recreational golfers. These golf balls offer maximum distance to slower swing speeds due to the high-energy titanium core. These exceptional distance yet affordable balls have a long carry distance, low spin, forgiving on off-center shots, and straighter shots.

Nitro Golf claims that all Nitro golf balls are manufactured to customer satisfaction. At Nitro Golf, they believe that the best golf ball for slow swing speed offering explosive distance should come at an affordable price. With an increased lift, low compression, innovative dimple pattern, durable cover, longer shots, and more distance, most Nitro golf balls are legal and conform to the USGA rules and regulations.

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Are Nitro golf balls maximum distance golf balls or is it a hoax claim? Let’s find out.

How Did We Test The Nitro Golf Balls

We have always been careful and unbiased in our golf ball reviews because we take pride in our testing process for the golf equipment and golf balls. For this review of the best Nitro golf balls, we adopted a comprehensive procedure. We asked two amateur golfers Nathan and Craig to test these golf balls for us. Following are the golfer profiles.

GolferDriverAvg. Distance7 IronAvg. DistanceP. WedgeAvg. DistanceSwing Speed
NathanPing G425197 yardsCallaway Mavrik137Titleist Vokey SM997Slow
CraigTaylorMade Stealth225 yardsTaylormade Stealth149TaylorMade MG4112Moderate
Golfer’s Profile

We went to the Aphrodite Hills Golf Course in Cyprus which is one of the most picturesque golf courses around the world. Headed straight to the driving range where we set up the Rapsodo MLM 2 Pro, one of the best personal golf simulators of recent times, and not only saw what these Nitro golf balls could do but also measured the ball metrics.

Then we teed off and played front 9 holes with these Nitro golf balls in the afternoon and found each of these low-spin golf balls to be amazing in their stride. Are Nitro golf balls long or is it just the hype to allure beginners? Read on to find what each of these Nitro golf balls offers.

Following is a quick overview table for the reviewed Nitro balls.

Ultimate DistanceTour DistancePulsarMaximum DistanceCrossfire
Cover MaterialSurlynSurlynIonomerSurlynSurlyn
Compression RatingLowHighLowMediumMedium
Swing SpeedSlowModerateSlow-ModerateSlowSlow
Nitro Balls Chart

Nitro Ultimate Distance Golf Ball Review – Best for Long Shots

We start our Nitro golf balls review with the longest Nitro golf ball. Nitro Ultimate Distance encompasses the high-energy titanium core that aids with energy transfer during the impact of the golf clubs and golf balls. The aerodynamic and symmetrical dimple pattern decreases drag which takes the ball farther than usual golf balls and increases the carry distance.

Nitro Ultimate Distance

This two-piece ball has a DuPont Lithium Surlyn cover which makes it durable and accomplishes great distance. As the name Ultimate Distance is self-explanatory, Nitro claims that this ball is among the maximum distance balls. We can affirm their claim as the performance we saw on the course was exceptional. We gained maximum distance as if we were playing with Srixon’s Z-Star XV or one of those benchmark Titleist golf balls like Pro V1 or Pro V1x.

We recommend this to golfers who have a slow swing speed but want maximum distance from their golf balls. This Nitro ball might be the right golf ball for high handicappers who want longer distances without getting into the intricacies of the ball specifics.

Key Features

  • Super Reactive Titanium Core
  • Indestructible Cut Proof Cover
  • USGA Approved


Construction: Two Piece

Colors: White, Orange, Pink, and Yellow

Pack: 15 Balls

  • High-Velocity Long-Distance Golf Balls
  • Good Value for Money
  • Consistent Straighter Shots with Ultimate Distance
  • DuPont Lithium Surlyn Cut Proof
  • Low Spin Around the Greens
  • The Ball has a Hard Feeling

Nitro Tour Distance Golf Balls Review – Best for Low Swing Speed

If you are a golfer who has a slow swing speed and looking for a low compression ball with long shots, the Nitro Tour Distance is there for you. Additionally, for senior golfers with a more deliberate swing tempo, selecting a golf ball with low compression is imperative. This is a significantly cheaper choice than other best senior golf balls. The Nitro Tour Distance golf ball has a compression rating of 40.

Tour Distance Soft 768x595 1

Predictably, the Nitro Tour Distance golf balls feature a titanium core that is designed to maximize energy transfer during long-distance shots. Its restructured core composition enables golfers with slower swing speeds to achieve enhanced compression upon impact. This propels the ball high to a greater trajectory and ultimately improves carry distance.

Further enhancing a golf ball’s trajectory was the incorporation of a highly efficient symmetrical dimple design, a hallmark of Nitro’s innovative design philosophy. These dimples effectively reduce the air drag during the ball’s launch. This Nitro golf ball is a good golf ball that serves to fortify the golf ball’s structural integrity and soft feel.

Key Features

  • Ultrasoft 40 Compression
  • Soft Feel Golf Ball
  • Super Reactive Titanium Core


Construction: Two Piece

Colors: White, Orange, Red, and Yellow

Pack: 15 Balls

  • Enhanced ball speed creation
  • Low spin during long shots
  • Facilitates easy launch, especially for seniors
  • Optimizes energy transfer on lengthy shots
  • Boasts a durable cover for longevity
  • Low Greenside Spin
  • Feels a bit Hard for a Soft Golf Ball

Nitro Pulsar Golf Ball – Best Nitro Golf Ball

For the best Nitro golf balls for 2023, the Nitro Pulsar is our paramount choice, boasting exceptional movement through the air, minimal spin, elevated launch angle, and unwavering projectile span. This Nitro golf ball instantly became our favorite on the course with its ball metrics that we got on our Rapsodo MLM 2 Pro.

Nitro Pulsar 768x473 1

It has great velocity upon impact, attributable to the unyielding Ionomer outer cover and the High Energy Speed Core. Ideal for golfers with low swing speed, these Nitro golf balls make you feel like elite golfers. The inclusion of titanium-forged hybrid ionomer augments the spinnability of the balls.

This three-piece golf ball has a highly resistant polybutadiene rubber for an exceptional ball feel. The Huff metal cover increases initial ball speed whereas the 352 large diameter dimples attribute to the stable mid-trajectory journey. All in all, this ball has all the elements of a good nitro golf ball for mid-to-high handicappers.

Key Features

  • High Energy Speed Core
  • Titanium Fused Hybrid ionomer
  • 352 Large Diameter Dimples


Construction: Three Piece

Colors: White, Orange, Yellow, and Multicolor

Pack: 12 Balls

  • Generates rapid ball speed
  • Impressive carry distance
  • Produces incredibly low long-game spin
  • Ensures stable ball flight
  • Firm Feel off the Club Face
  • Expensive than Other Nitro Golf Balls

Nitro Maximum Distance Golf Ball – Best for Durability

Among many Nitro golf balls, the inquiry ‘Are these golf balls any good?‘ the Maximum distance balls receive is a lot, and rightly so. We instantly knew off the tee that these golf balls cover those hyped-up yardages even for low-swingers. Its extremely durable DuPont Lithium Surlyn cut proof is there to outrank all other golf balls.

Maximum Distance 768x570 1

Trust us, being a beginner, you will need this durability because your golf balls often go on golf course tours where they will have encounters with trees, bunkers, hazards, and sometimes concrete structures. The solid outer cover makes an exceptionally high ball speed launch. This is a great game confidence booster, especially on the tee boxes. These Nitro golf balls are worth every penny as they offer a good combination of distance and control for golfers.

Key Features

  • Super Reactive Titanium Core
  • Indestructible Cover
  • USGA Approved


Construction: Two Piece

Colors: White, Yellow, and Pink

Pack: 12 Balls

  • Highly Durable DuPont Surlyn Cover
  • Affordable for Most Golfers
  • Generates Impressive Distance
  • Produces Explosive Speed
  • Lowers Long-Game Spin to a Great Extent
  • Usual Hard Feel

Nitro Crossfire Golf Balls – Best for Amateurs

Last on our list of the best Nitro golf balls is the Nitro Crossfire balls. Though these are not allowed for tournament play, they are best sellers for the Nitro Golf brand. These golf balls spit fire with their ball speed, minimal spin, and launch velocity as if fire were emanating before the ball’s trajectory.

Crossfire 840x605 1

The Nitro Crossfire balls come in a convenient 45-white ball pack, ensuring you have an ample supply for your rounds. These balls feature a solid 2-piece titanium core that excels at maximizing energy transfer from your club to the ball, resulting in explosive shots down the fairway.

To guarantee long-term durability, Nitro equips the Crossfire balls with a DuPont Lithium Surlyn cut-proof cover. This cover ensures your balls stay in great shape even after multiple rounds, making them a wise investment. Additionally, the aerodynamic and symmetrical dimple design on these balls increases their lifespan and reduces drag, resulting in higher and longer shots. With Nitro Crossfire balls, you’re not only getting quantity but also quality and performance.

Key Features

  • Titanium Core
  • DuPont Lithium Surlyn Cover
  • Aerodynamic & Symmetrical Dimple Design


Construction: Two Piece

Colors: White

Pack: 45 Balls

  • Low long-game spin
  • Produces rapid ball speed
  • Drag-resistant dimple pattern
  • Best Budget
  • Durable cover
  • Hard Feel
  • Minimal short-game spin

Key Factors to Consider When Looking for Long-Distance Golf Balls

Following are the key factors and considerations when looking for the best long-distance golf balls.

Compression Rating

Choose a long-distance golf ball with a low compression rating (below 80) for more distance. Lower compression balls allow for greater energy transfer, resulting in higher ball speeds and longer drives.

Dimple Design

Opt for golf balls with aerodynamically advanced dimple patterns. These designs reduce drag and improve lift, ensuring the ball stays in the air longer and travels farther.

Cover Material

Consider golf balls with durable and responsive cover materials, like Surlyn or Ionomer. These materials enhance ball speed and control, crucial for long-distance shots.

Core Construction

Look for balls with a high-energy core design. A larger core with a higher compression can provide the extra power needed for greater distance off the tee.

Spin Control

Balancing distance with control is vital. Choose a ball with a spin rate that suits your game. Lower spin reduces side spin for straighter shots, while higher spin helps with greenside control for approach shots.

People Also Ask

Are Nitro golf balls any good?

Nitro golf balls have mixed reviews. While they can offer affordability and distance for casual players, they may lack the performance and quality found in premium brands, making them less suitable for serious golfers.

Why are Nitro golf balls illegal?

Nitro golf balls are not universally illegal. Some specific Nitro models might be non-conforming with USGA rules due to factors like dimple design or compression. Always check the specific model’s legality for tournament play.

Some Nitro golf balls are USGA-approved and legal for tournament play, but not all. It is essential to confirm the specific ball’s approval status before using it in official competitions.

Are Nitro golf balls illegal?

Nitro golf balls are not inherently illegal. However, certain models may not conform to USGA standards. To avoid issues, ensure you are using an approved Nitro golf ball for tournament play.

Yes, Nitro Ultimate Distance golf balls are legal to play as they meet the USGA standards. Check the specific ball’s approval status to ensure it complies with tournament rules.

Final Words

Nitro golf balls can be suitable for recreational golfers looking for an affordable option that offers decent performance. These are best for beginners who just want distance off their shots.

However, serious players may prefer higher-end brands for better control and consistency.

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