Best Srixon Golf Balls 2023: Soft Feel, Z-Star and Q-Star Series

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When it comes to golf balls, Srixon is a brand that consistently delivers high-quality products for players of all skill levels, including PGA professionals. In the year 2023, Srixon continues to impress with its range of golf balls specifically designed to enhance performance on the course. Whether your swing speed is slower, moderate, or fast Srixon offers the ball to match your needs. To assist you further I have created this guide highlighting the best Srixon Golf balls available.

Best Srixon Golf Balls: Soft Feel, Z-Star, and Q-Star

If you have a slower swing speed the Soft Feel series is perfect, for you. These balls are specifically created to help players with the swing to achieve maximum distance and accuracy. The soft feel and low-compression core of these balls offers control and a great touch around the greens.

For players with a mid-high swing speed, the Z-Star series is a choice. These balls strike a balance between distance, control, and feel. With their high-compression core and thin urethane cover, they provide a responsive feel and superior spin on the greens. Many golfers opt for the Z-Star series to elevate their game.

Best Srixon golf balls in 2023

If you possess a fast swing speed look no further than the Q-Star series. These balls are engineered to deliver distance without compromising on feel and control. Featuring a high compression core and soft urethane cover they offer a combination of power and touch. Thanks to their 338 Speed Dimple Pattern the Q Star series ensures ball flight even at high speeds.

How Did I Test the Best Srixon Golf Balls with Different Swing Speeds?

To put the Best Srixon golf balls through their paces, with three swing speeds I tried out different methods. Up I tested the Soft Feel golf ball off the tee. This particular ball is renowned for its distance and accuracy. To get an understanding of its performance I used a launch monitor to measure launch angle, ball speed, and spin rate.

Moving on to the fairways I gave the Z Star Z Star Divide, Z Star XV, Z Star Diamond, and Q Star golf balls a go. These high performance balls are specifically designed for players with swing speeds. They offer control and distance. With each swing, my focus was on how these balls held their line when faced with tricky lies on the course.

In addition to that, I thoroughly assessed how these balls performed around the green. The Srixon Z Star and Srixon Soft Feel golf balls stood out with their backspin capabilities, in this area. They provide a feel and touch that allows for shots and confident chip ins. Whether it was chipping from terrain or executing flop shots both the Q Star and Soft Feel Lady proved themselves to be reliable and versatile options.

In general, these Srixon golf balls have proven their excellence across aspects of the game offering players a range of options that cater to their swing speeds and playing styles.

Srixon Soft Feel – Best for Low Swing Speed

Srixon Soft Feel - Best for Low Swing Speed

The Srixon Soft Feel golf ball is highly recommended for golfers with low swing speeds. This two-piece golf ball offers a soft feel on impact, which is perfect for players who struggle to generate high clubhead speeds. With its lower compression, the Soft Feel helps maximize distance and control for those with average swing speeds.

On the golf course, the Soft Feel has been praised for its exceptional feel around the green. Golfers have reported a noticeable improvement in their short game, as the softer feel allows for better touch and control. Additionally, on launch monitors, the Soft Feel consistently delivers good results, with a high launch angle and low spin rate.

This unique combination enables carry distances making it an excellent choice for players seeking to optimize their distance off the tee. All the Srixon Soft Feel stands out as one of the top contenders among soft feel golf balls available, on the market today. It undoubtedly excels when it comes to catering to golfers with swing speeds.

Key Features

  • Fast Layer Core
  • 338 Speed Dimple Pattern
  • Soft, Thin Cover


Construction: Two-piece

Color: White and Yellow


  • It has an exceptionally soft feel
  • Better distance and accuracy
  • Greater greenside control for short-game
  • It has a durable cover
  • It’s an affordable option


  • The ball might not perform well in windy conditions

Srixon Z-Star – Best for Mid-High Swing Speed

Srixon Z-Star - Best for Mid-High Swing Speed

The Srixon Z Star golf ball is a choice, for golfers who have a mid to high swing speed. As someone with a moderate swing speed myself, I’ve personally experienced the responsiveness and consistency of this ball when it comes to both distance and accuracy. The design of the Srixon Z Star offers a feel and a high launch angle, which has significantly improved my ball flight and trajectory.

What sets the Z Star apart is its spin control allowing me to shape shots and maintain grip on greens. Thanks to its performance around the green my short game has noticeably improved. When striking the ball it feels soft. Provides feedback and control upon impact.

Overall, without a doubt, the Srixon Z Star is my go to golf ball that perfectly suits my swing speed. It delivers the combination of distance, accuracy, and control that enhances my golfing experience. Whether you’re a golfer or someone who’s still working on their game I highly recommend giving the Srixon Z Star a try if you have a high swing speed. Additionally, there’s also another variant called the Z Star Divide that features two colors split into halves—an option to explore.

Key Features

  • Fastlayer DG core
  • Spin skin+ coating
  • Thermoplastic urethane cover 


Construction: Three-piece

Color: White and Yellow


  • It has a tour-level performance
  • Offers advanced spin technology
  • It has maximized ball speed and maintains a soft feel for superior performance.
  • The durable urethane cover ensures excellent durability.
  • It has consistent flights and performance across all aspects of the game


  • Comes with a premium golf ball price tag

Srixon Z-Star XV 8 – Best for High Swing Speed

Srixon Z Star XV 8 - Best for High Swing Speed

The Srixon Z-Star XV golf ball is a tour ball that is specifically designed for golfers with a high swing speed. This three-piece Srixon ball is known for its exceptional distance in the long game. With its advanced core technology, it provides higher ball speeds and reduced spin, resulting in longer and straighter shots off the tee.

The Srixon Z-Star XV eight generation also features a soft urethane cover, which enhances greenside spin and control. This is especially beneficial for golfers who rely on their short game, as it allows for precise approach shots and increased stopping power on the greens. Additionally, the Z-Star XV is durable and maintains its performance over time, making it an excellent investment for avid golfers. 

Overall, if you have a high swing speed like Brooks Koepka and looking for a distance golf ball that provides exceptional performance in the long game, the Srixon Z-Star XV is definitely worth considering. Its combination of distance, spin control, and durability make it a top choice amongst golfers who want to maximize their performance on the course. 

Key Features

  • Fastlayer DG Core
  • Spin Skin+ Coating
  • Thermoplastic urethane cover


Construction: Three-piece

Color: White and Yellow


  • Offers exceptional distance
  • It has a mid-high launch trajectory
  • Comes with an enhanced greenside spin
  • Durable urethane cover having a thickness of 0.5mm
  • Provides consistent ball speed and ball flight


  • Ideal for swing speeds of 100+ mph

Srixon Q Star – Best for Low Spin

Srixon Q Star - Best for Low Spin

The Srixon Q-Star golf ball is the perfect choice for those looking for a low-spin performance on the course. This golf ball is the sibling of the Srixon Q-Star Tour, but it is specifically designed to offer a lower spin rate. If you have been struggling with high spin rates and are looking for a ball that can improve your game, then the Srixon Q-Star is definitely worth considering.

This three-piece golf ball features a softer feel and increased durability, making it a great option for players of all skill levels. One of the key golf ball features of the Srixon Q-Star is its lower compression core, which allows for reduced driver spin and longer distance off the tee. The Spin Skin coating on the cover also helps to enhance control and provide better greenside spin.

Q-Star Tour Golf Ball
Courtesy: Golf Digest

Overall, the Srixon Q-Star is a fantastic choice for golfers who want to minimize spin and achieve longer, straighter shots. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced player, this golf ball can significantly improve your performance on the course and help you reach your full potential. 

Key Features

  • New Fastlayer Core
  • Spin skin with Serm
  • Enhanced Alignment


Construction: Three-piece

Color: White and Yellow


  • It offers a balanced performance
  • It is a budget-friendly premium golf ball 
  • Q-Star is a soft feel ball offering impressive player feedback
  • The Q-Star’s aerodynamic dimple pattern reduces drag and enhances ball flight
  • It has enhanced greenside control


  • Players with exceptionally high swing speeds may not achieve maximum distance

Srixon Z Star Diamond – Best for High Swing Speed

Srixon Z Star Diamond - Best for High Swing Speed

The Srixon Z Star Diamond is the best Srixon ball for golfers with high swing speeds. It delivers exceptional distance off the tee and allows players to maintain control and accuracy throughout the game. This golf ball is designed specifically for players who have a faster swing speed, ensuring they can achieve maximum performance on the course.

The Srixon Z Star Diamond is crafted with advanced technology that helps increase ball speed and decrease spin, resulting in longer drives and better overall performance. Its unique dimple pattern enhances aerodynamics, allowing the ball to cut through the air with ease. Additionally, the Z Star Diamond provides excellent feel and feedback during impact, making it a popular choice among serious golfers.

This ball is designed to work in synergy with high-end golf equipment, such as premium golf clubs, amplifying the overall performance on every swing. When it comes to distance and control for players with high swing speeds, the Srixon Z Star Diamond is a reliable option. Its combination of distance, feel, and optimized aerodynamics sets it apart as the ultimate choice for golfers looking to maximize their game. 

Key Features

  • Fastlayer DG Core
  • Spin skin+ coating
  • Thin premium cover


Construction: Three-piece

Color: White


  • It offers a competitive premium performance
  • 338-speed dimple pattern
  • Low drag during ball flight
  • It has a mid-high ball launch angle


  • Premium pricing

Srixon Soft Feel Lady – Best for Lady Golfers

Srixon Soft Feel Lady - Best for Lady Golfers

 The Srixon Soft Feel Lady deserves an honorary mention as one of the best golf balls for lady golfers. With its low compression, this ball is specifically designed to cater to the needs of female players. As a fan of Srixon golf balls, Samantha tried the Soft Feel Lady, and it did not disappoint. The soft feel off the clubface was exceptional, giving her greater control over my shots.

The ball also provided great distance and accuracy, even on off-center hits. The bright pink color and feminine design have added a touch of style to the lady golfer’s game. Additionally, the low compression of the ball allowed it to maximize its performance for slow swing speed, ensuring Samantha achieved her desired trajectory and distance. Overall, the Srixon Soft Feel Lady is a fantastic choice for women golfers looking for a ball that will help them excel on the course. 

Key Features

  • Fastlayer Core
  • 338 Speed dimple design
  • Soft, thin premium cover


Construction: Two-piece

Color: Pink and White


  • Specifically engineered and designed for women
  • True to its name, the ball offers a soft feel on impact
  • Enhanced greenside spin allows for better control and precision on approach shots
  • It is a budget-friendly choice, offering quality performance 


  • Underperforming for women with a high swing speed

Factors to Consider When Looking for the Best Srixon Golf Balls

When selecting the best Srixon golf balls, several crucial factors should be taken into account to match individual preferences and playing style. Here are the key considerations to keep in mind:

Best Srixon Golf Balls

Playing Level and Swing Speed

Take into account your level of skill and the speed at which you swing. If you are a player, with a swing speed you might find Srixons top tier options like the Z-Star series to be beneficial. These balls offer performance and excellent control over spin. On the hand, if you’re a beginner golfer you may find that the Q Star or Soft Feel series would be more suitable for you. These options provide a balance, between distance and forgiveness.

Performance Characteristics

Evaluate the golf ball’s performance attributes. Do you prioritize distance, greenside control, or a softer feel? Srixon offers a range of golf balls with varying performance characteristics to suit different playing styles. The Z-Star series excels in tour-level performance, while the Soft Feel series focuses on a softer feel and enhanced greenside spin.

Budget Considerations

Start by establishing a budget. Then take a look, at the range of best Srixon golf ball options offered within that price range. If you’re looking for the line performance Srixon Z-Star series is their line. However, if you’re aiming for choices without sacrificing performance both the Q-Star and Soft Feel series are worth considering.

Playing Conditions

Consider the typical weather and course conditions you encounter. For windy courses, the aerodynamic design of the Z-Star series can provide a stable ball flight. If you often play in wet conditions, the Soft Feel series with its durable cover might be a suitable option.

Personal Preferences

In the end what really matters is your preference. Select a golf ball that suits your desired feel, trajectory, and shot preferences. Experiment, with models to discover the one that complements your game effectively.

Professional Reviews and Testing

Seek out professional reviews and conduct ball testing when possible. Expert opinions and personal experience can offer valuable insights into the performance of different Srixon golf balls.

Taking these factors into account will help you make an informed decision and find the best Srixon golf ball that enhances your performance and enjoyment on the course.

FAQs about Srixon Golf Balls

Srixon Golf Balls

Is the Srixon Z Star as good as Pro V1?

The Srixon Z Star is comparable to the Pro V1, offering tour-level performance with exceptional distance, spin, and control for golfers seeking top-quality performance.

What is the difference between Srixon Q Star and Z Star?

The Srixon Q Star emphasizes distance and forgiveness, making it suitable for mid-handicap golfers, while the Z Star caters to advanced players with higher swing speeds, prioritizing spin and greenside control.

Does Brooks Koepka use Srixon golf balls?

Yes, Brooks Koepka, a professional golfer, has been known to use Srixon golf balls in his tournament play. Brooks Koepka is currently using a Srixon Z-Star golf ball.

Should I use Z Star or XV?

Choose the Z Star for higher swing speeds, spin control, and tour-level performance. Opt for the XV if you desire maximum distance and a more penetrating ball flight.

Do any pros use Srixon golf balls?

Yes, several professional golfers, including Brooks Koepka, Hideki Matsuyama, and Shane Lowry, among others, use Srixon golf balls on the PGA Tour. They are using Z-Star and Z-Star XV golf balls. Brooks Koepka played Z-Star to clinch his 2023 PGA Championship.

Facts and Stats of Srixon Golf Balls

  • Srixon is a Japanese golf equipment manufacturer founded in 1930 under the name “Sakata Seisakusho.” It later evolved into “Srixon Sports” and has become a prominent player in the golf industry.
  • Srixon is part of the SRI Sports Limited group, which also includes the renowned Cleveland Golf and XXIO brands, providing a diverse range of golf products.
  • The Srixon Z-Star golf ball is a favorite among professional golfers, boasting an impressive record of over 600+ global tour wins.

Final Words

In conclusion, after thorough research and testing, our best pick for the best Srixon golf balls is the Srixon Z-Star. This golf ball offers excellent performance, with its exceptional distance, great control, and excellent spin. Whether you’re a professional golfer or a casual player, the Srixon Z-Star delivers consistent and impressive results on the course.

We hope this guide helps you in upgrading your golf ball.

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