TaylorMade TP5 Pix Poker: Newly Launched SOLD-OUT Golf Balls in 2023

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The recent launch of the TaylorMade TP5 Pix Poker golf balls has generated significant excitement within the golfing community. TaylorMade, a brand synonymous with cutting-edge golf gear, has yet again captured the attention of golfers around the world with their latest launch: the TaylorMade TP5 Pix Poker golf balls

TP5 Pix Poker Golf Balls

Golf enthusiasts are renowned for their commitment, to enhancing their skills and the selection of golf balls significantly impacts their performance, on the golf course. Be it the performance or the style and design. The TaylorMade TP5 Pix Poker golf balls have garnered attention due to their unique design features and advanced technology. These TP5 Pix golf balls promise to offer a blend of performance and poker chip golf ball style.

In this comprehensive review, we will review, or should we say preview (because they are already sold out) these TP5 Pix Poker golf balls.

TP5 Pix Poker Golf Balls

Key Features of the TaylorMade TP5 Pix Poker Golf Balls

The TaylorMade TP5 Pix Poker golf balls have arrived as a result of meticulous research and development, aiming to target golfers who also play poker. Crafted with precision and innovation like the rest of the TP5 Pix series, these Pix Pker golf balls promise an exceptional blend of distance, control, and visibility. Following are the key features of the TaylorMade TP5 Pix Poker golf balls.

Pix Poker Alignment Technology

The Pix Poker alignment technology is a standout feature of these golf balls. With high-contrast graphics and distinct markings, golfers can accurately align their putts, resulting in improved accuracy and fewer strokes on the green.

Dimple Pattern

The Taylormade TP5 Pix series has always been top-notch with its dimple patterns. The TP5 Pix Poker is no exception either. It has a new Seamless Tour Flight dimple pattern. A Seamless Tour Flight dimple pattern in golf balls refers to a specific arrangement of dimples on the surface of a golf ball designed to optimize its aerodynamic properties and flight characteristics. 

The term “Seamless” suggests that the dimples are evenly distributed across the ball’s surface without any visible seam or pattern interruption. The “Tour Flight” aspect indicates that this dimple pattern is often intended for use by more skilled and professional golfers, as it aims to provide a balance of distance and control that is desirable for players who often compete at a high level.

Tri-Fast Core Construction

At the heart of the TP5 Pix Poker golf balls is the Tri-Fast Core with 5 layers, designed to deliver maximum energy transfer and reduced drag for impressive distance and a consistent ball flight. The TP5 Pix Poker golf balls have a high ball speed along with the long driver and iron distances.

Soft-Touch Cast Urethane Cover

The soft-touch cast urethane cover provides a delicate feel and exceptional greenside control. It enhances spin and helps golfers finesse their shots around the green with precision. The soft-touch cast Urethane implies a softer feel at impact for these TaylorMade TP5 Pix  Poker golf balls. 

High-Flex Material

The TP5 Pix Poker golf balls are constructed using a high-flex material that promotes a responsive impact. This feature contributes to an excellent balance between power and control, especially off the tee. This induces a high launch ball flight.

How Technology Enhances Performance of the TP5 PIx Poker

TP5 Pix Poker

Advanced Visual Technology for Enhanced Performance

One of the standout features of the TP5 Pix Poker golf balls is their advanced visual technology. The distinctive Pix graphics, intelligently designed with high contrast and vivid colors, provide unparalleled visibility both on the fairway and around the green.

The unique visual patterns are not just for aesthetics; they aid in aligning putts, optimizing focus, and ensuring proper ball tracking during every swing. Golfers can line up their shots confidently, leading to more successful putts and a reduced number of three-putts or even two-putts within 5 feet.

Optimized Aerodynamics for Maximum Distance

TaylorMade has employed cutting-edge aerodynamics to optimize the TP5 Pix Poker’s flight trajectory. The seamless integration of a Tri-Fast Core and Dual-Spin Cover generates reduced drag and increased lift, resulting in longer distances off the tee without compromising control. This innovation empowers golfers to achieve remarkable carry and roll characteristics, translating to improved overall performance on the golf course.

Consistent Spin and Greenside Control

TaylorMade TP5 Pix

The soft-touch cast urethane cover is a boon for golfers who value finesse around the green. The spin control offered by the cover allows golfers to execute delicate shots with precision and consistency. Control around the green is a hallmark of exceptional golf balls, and the TP5 Pix Poker delivers in this aspect as well.

The Dual-Spin Cover, working in tandem with the Tri-Fast Core, enables players to generate consistent spin rates for precise shot shaping and greenside control. Whether executing delicate chips or full approach shots, these golf balls offer the responsiveness and feel that players demand to master their short game.

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Real-World Testing and Results of the TP5 Pix Poker

Accuracy and Consistency

In our testing, the TaylorMade TP5 Pix Poker golf balls consistently exhibited accuracy off the tee and on approach shots. The alignment technology aided in targeting, leading to more shots landing on the fairway and closer to the pin.

Responsive Feel and Feedback

A critical factor in any golfer’s choice of equipment is the feel and feedback they receive upon impact. The TP5 Pix Poker golf balls have been engineered to provide a responsive and satisfying sensation with each strike. 

Feel and Spin

Around the greens, the soft-touch cast urethane cover lived up to its promise. Golfers experienced enhanced spin and control, allowing them to attack pins and save strokes from various lies and conditions.


Despite the soft cover, the TP5 Pix Poker golf balls demonstrated commendable durability. The cover’s robustness ensured that it held up well over multiple rounds without significant scuffing or wear.

Versatility for All Playing Styles

One of the most impressive aspects of the TP5 Pix Poker golf balls is their versatility across various playing styles. The unique blend of distance, precision and tactile feedback guarantees that golfers of any expertise can savor an experience, on the course.

Construction5 Layers
Dimple PatternSeamless Tour Flight Dimple Pattern
CoverSoft Touch Cast Urethane
Ball SpeedFast
Iron DistanceLong
Launch AngleHigh

Comparison of TP5 Pix Poker with Competing Golf Balls

TP5 Pix Golf Balls

Titleist Pro V1

When compared to the Titleist Pro V1, the TP5 Pix Poker golf balls held their ground in terms of distance and accuracy. The alignment technology of the TP5 Pix Poker balls provided a distinct advantage for putting.

Callaway Chrome Soft

Compared to the Callaway Chrome Soft, the TP5 Pix Poker golf balls exhibited similar greenside control but stood out in terms of alignment features. Golfers who prioritize alignment may find the TP5 Pix Poker balls more suitable for their game.

Pros and Cons of TaylorMade TP5 Pix Poker Golf Balls


  • Innovative Pix Poker alignment technology
  • Impressive distance and launch due to the Tri-Fast Core
  • Exceptional greenside control and spin
  • Durable cover material
  • Suitable for both professional and amateur golfers


  • Slightly higher price point compared to some competitors

Price and Availability

TaylorMade TP5 Pix Golf Balls

The TaylorMade TP5 Pix Poker golf balls are competitively priced within the premium golf ball market. They are retailing at $59.99 for a dozen. The colors available for these newly launched TP5 Pix Poker golf balls are black, blue, green, and red. They were sold out within a few hours of their launch. However, TP5 Pix Poker is available at golf retail stores on TaylorMade’s official website.

Who Should Use the TaylorMade TP5 Pix Poker Golf Balls?

Professional Golfers

Professional golfers seeking the perfect balance of distance, control, and feel will find the TP5 Pix Poker golf balls to be a valuable addition to their arsenal. The alignment technology and greenside control cater to their demands for precision and performance.

Amateur Golfers

Amateur golfers looking to improve their game will appreciate the benefits offered by the TP5 Pix Poker golf balls. These balls can help them gain extra yardage, execute accurate putts, and enhance their short game skills.

TP5 Pix

Final Words

The TaylorMade TP5 Pix Poker golf balls offer a compelling blend of technology, performance, and innovative design. With features like Pix Poker alignment technology, Tri-Fast Core, and a soft-touch cast urethane cover, these golf balls cater to the needs of golfers aiming for accuracy, distance, and control. The TaylorMade TP5 Pix Poker golf balls are a compelling choice. With a lineage of excellence, TaylorMade TP5 Pix continues to push the boundaries of golf equipment innovation.

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