Best Soft Golf Balls: 5 Soft Feel Golf Balls 2023

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Golf is a sport that elegantly blends skill, strategy, and a dash of finesse. It has long been a beloved pastime for recreational and professionals alike. While the pursuit of the perfect swing and the right stance is essential, the equipment you choose can significantly impact your game in 2023. 

Among the crucial choices a golfer faces is selecting the perfect golf ball for his feel and control on the golf course. If you are a golfer who loves low compression soft feel golf balls, then this guide about the best soft golf balls is for you.

Best Soft Golf Balls

Let’s delve into the world of the best soft golf balls – a golf ball category that has gained remarkable popularity in recent years. These soft feel golf balls promise a unique fusion of advanced technology and superior feel, catering to players seeking an exquisite balance between distance and control around the greens. 

In this blog about the best soft golf balls, we’ll explore how these best golf balls can elevate your performance and bring an unprecedented level of improvement and enjoyment to your golf rounds.

Soft feel golf balls have revolutionized the game by redefining the conventional notions of performance. Engineered with cutting-edge materials and innovative designs, these golf balls offer a delightful touch off the clubface and a remarkable reduction in spin. This combination can lead to straighter shots off the tee and more predictable trajectories because of the soft compression cores.

Among many balls, the best soft feel golf balls could be one of the best golf choices for players aiming to shave strokes off their scorecards can make.

Best Soft Golf Balls

Our exploration will encompass a range of top-tier soft golf balls, each boasting distinct features and benefits. From enhanced greenside control to minimized driver spin, these spheres of excellence have endeared themselves to golfers of varying skill levels looking for low compression balls. 

After reading this golf ball review, you will surely amplify your learning curve as the world of best soft golf balls holds something extraordinary for everyone.

How Did I Test the Best Soft Golf Balls?

Before we move onto the list of the best soft golf balls, it’s important for you to know how I tested these best soft golf balls. I applied a comprehensive testing approach that spanned the controlled confines of the launch monitor, the wide-open spaces of the golf range, and the unpredictable terrain of the golf course. 

With the bag setup of an average golfer, I put some of the finest premium golf ball contenders through this three-tier process to find the best-performing softest golf balls.

To begin with, I went to the dimly lit yet adorned with high-tech room to test these best soft golf balls on the launch monitor, where every swing is scrutinized down to the tiniest detail. The launch monitor became my ally in dissecting the performance metrics of each premium ball – from initial velocity and spin rates to launch angles and carry distances. 

But numbers, while being insightful, don’t tell the whole story. That’s where the driving range came into play.

Standing on the range, I felt the softer feel off the face of my Ping G425 Max driver. The feel of impact, the way the ball interacted with the clubface, the sound it produced, and of course the ball speed, all provided insights in the hunt to find the best soft golf balls. It was here that the real-world validation of the launch monitor data unfolded.

And then, the grand stage – the golf course itself. Fairways that seemed both forgiving and relentless, greens that beckoned with their undulating mysteries – this is where these best golf balls on the market faced the penultimate test. The Callaway Supersoft, Srixon Soft Feel, TaylorMade Soft Response, Titleist Tour Soft, and Bridgestone e6 soft ball each took turns conquering the various challenges the golf course posed. 

I observed the behavior of these soft golf balls in diverse scenarios – from distance off the tee and accuracy to delicate approaches that required finesse around the greens. It was in this holistic testing landscape that the true low spin champions emerged, revealing their prowess beyond mere numbers, and showcasing their real potential in the context that truly mattered – the best golf balls for your game.

Callaway Supersoft – Best for Distance

Callaway Supersoft Golf Balls

In a world where golfers aspire for the ultimate drive, the Callaway Supersoft golf ball emerges as a beacon of hope for those in pursuit of awe-inspiring distance with the softest feel golf ball. If distance balls had a superhero, the Supersoft would don the cape without a doubt. 

The Supersoft isn’t just about hitting the ball hard; it’s about catapulting it with finesse. The secret lies in its fusion of cutting-edge technology and unrivaled design. As if inspired by its cousin, the Callaway Chrome Soft, the Supersoft inherits its DNA of greatness but focuses squarely on one superpower: distance with a great feel.

The moment your clubface meets the Supersoft golf ball, you will feel a connection that’s akin to finding your rhythm on the golf course. It creates a soft sensation upon impact that’s as pleasing as sinking your feet into freshly mown grass. And while we are on the subject of feel, let’s not forget the ball’s optimal ability to maintain that soft cover feel.

The Callaway Supersoft isn’t just a ball; it’s a promise fulfilled. A promise of towering drives and long shots from the fairways It’s not about just getting the ball to the green; it’s about getting it there in style, with that extra oomph that only the best distance balls can provide. So, if you’re ready to become the maestro of long-range symphonies on the golf course with a soft golf ball, it’s time to let the Supersoft take center stage – your drives will thank you. 

However, if you are interested in other Callaway golf balls, we have curated the best Callaway golf balls for you.

Key Features

  • HyperElastic SoftFast Core
  • Dynamic Hybrid Cover
  • Super Straight Shots


Construction: Two-piece

Colors: White and Yellow


  • Exceptional Distance Performance
  • Soft Feel for Smooth Swings
  • Consistent Ball Flight
  • Greenside Control
  • Reduced Driver Spin
  • Durable Cover Material


  • Wind Sensitivity

Srixon Soft Feel – Best for Budget

Srixon Soft Feel Golf Balls

In the grand tapestry of the best soft golf balls, where performance often demands a princely sum, the Srixon Soft Feel golf ball emerges as the triumphant underdog – the value golf balls that offer a performance symphony without emptying your pockets. If you want a budget-friendly golf ball with spin magic, it would undoubtedly bear the Srixon Soft Feel’s name. 

Don’t let its affordable price tag fool you; this ball doesn’t compromise when it comes to delivering a feel that’s softer than a cloud’s embrace. While some firmer feel golf balls on the market feel like you are launching a brick, the Soft Feel is here to challenge that notion with its tender touch that’s kind to your hands and to your budget. If you have a slower swing speed, the Srixon Soft Feel series awaits you.

Around the greens, where the artistry of touch reigns supreme, the Srixon golf Soft Feel unfurls its magic carpet as it provides the ultimate golf ball spin. Let’s talk more about the spin – that enigmatic wizardry that shapes shots particularly when you are around narrow and smaller greens. The Soft Feel holds back here when no other best ball does. It’s a master of backspin and sidespin, allowing you to carve your shots with an artisan’s flair. 

If you are in search of a golf ball that doesn’t just tick boxes but paints a masterpiece on the green, the Srixon Soft Feel stands ready. It’s not just about hitting the ball; it’s about crafting your shots and achieving feats of finesse that belies its price tag. For budget-conscious golfers or spin enthusiasts, the Soft Feel promises a world of performance that’s as kind to your game as it is to your wallet.

If you are looking to know more about the Srixon’s Z-Star and Q-Star series, have a look here. You will know which Srixon ball Brooks Koepka has in his golf bag.

Key Features

  • FastLayer Core 
  • 338 Speed Dimple Pattern
  • Soft, Thin Cover


Construction: Two-piece

Colors: White and Yellow


  • Affordable Elegance
  • Soft Feel Around Greens
  • Adequate Spin Control
  • Forgiving on Mishits
  • Reliable Distance Performance
  • Durable Cover Construction


  • Limited for High Swing Speeds

TaylorMade Soft Response – Best for Forgiveness

TaylorMade Soft Response Golf Balls

In golf, where precision and forgiveness meet, the TaylorMade Soft Response golf balls emerge as the consummate partner for mid to high handicappers seeking the embrace of forgiveness without forsaking performance on the golf course. If softness, spin, and clemency were ingredients in a magical potion, this ball would be its enchanting result.

Designed with the needs of those who are on the journey of improvement, the Soft Response is a testament to TaylorMade’s dedication to crafting a ball that suits a wide spectrum of players. Being one of the softest golf balls, it’s a companion that minimizes the harshness of your mishits and whispers encouragement for your next swing.

What sets Soft Response apart is its remarkable combination of forgiveness and softer feel. As the clubface meets the ball, there’s a kinship that translates into shots that respond to your intent with delightful precision of soft and easy to control. Around the green, the spin and softer feel increase the confidence of golfers. It is often regarded as one of the best golf balls for beginners. 

And when TaylorMade says “soft,” they are not exaggerating. The Soft Response ranks among the softest, which translates to a sensation. But don’t let that fool you into thinking it’s fragile – these low compression golf balls are built to withstand the rigors of your rounds without compromising on their performance.

For those who are looking for a forgiving embrace that doesn’t sacrifice performance, the TaylorMade Soft Response is your ticket to the fairway’s sweet spot. It’s not just a ball; it’s your accomplice in conquering challenges and celebrating successes, all while enjoying a level of comfort that’s as rewarding as sinking that perfect putt.

Key Features

  • SpeedMantle layer
  • Extended Flight Dimple Pattern
  • New Low 30 Compression Core


Construction: Three-piece

Colors: White and Yellow


  • Forgiving Ball for Mishits
  • Balanced Spin Control
  • Soft Feel for Comfort
  • Suitable for Mid-High Handicaps
  • Reliable Distance Consistency
  • Durable Ionomer Cover Material


  • Not Ideal for Low Handicaps

Titleist Tour Soft – Best Overall

Titleist Tour Soft Golf Balls

Titleist golf balls need no introduction. Their golf balls come with the best performances.

For our next soft golf ball review, we have brought the best soft golf ball from the lot. The Titleist Tour Soft emerges as the shining star, a true embodiment of versatility that caters to golfers of every cadre. If you have ever pondered the quest to find the best soft golf balls for your swing speed, the Tour Soft just might be the golden ticket you have been seeking. 

A ball doesn’t just coexist with your swing but enhances it. This is what Titleist has been doing with their premium-grade golf balls. The Tour Soft is more than a piece of equipment; it’s one of your accomplice balls for years in orchestrating shots that are as captivating as they are controlled. With a blend of distance, feel, and response, this golf ball is made to explore the full spectrum of your game on the golf course.

Around the green, the Titleist Tour Soft golf ball reveals its feel through impact. It’s the best soft golf ball equivalent of a skilled artist’s brush, allowing you to craft shots with confidence. Golfers often debate about Srixon Soft Feel vs Titleist Tour Soft for the softer golf ball. However, the Tour Soft wins by miles.

But the true beauty of the Tour Soft lies in its universality. It’s not just for a specific handicap range; it’s for everyone who values consistency and performance. This ball has an uncanny ability to adapt to your swing and style, elevating your game to new heights.

Key Features

  • Largest Titleist Core Design
  • Very Thin 4CE Grafted Cover
  • Spherically-Tiled 342 Cuboctahedron Dimple Design


Construction: Two-piece

Colors: White and Yellow


  • Versatile for All Swing Styles
  • Balanced Distance and Feel
  • Precise Greenside Performance
  • Consistent Flight Trajectories
  • Durable Cover Material
  • Appeals to a Wide Range of Players


  • Premium Price Point

Bridgestone e6 – Best for Slower Swing Speed

Bridgestone e6 Golf Balls

The Bridgestone e6 golf ball is a charismatic showstopper, tailor-made for those with a slower swing speed. If you have ever wondered about the power of finding the right ball amidst the myriad types of balls, the e6 is here to help you find the right golf ball for your game.

This ball has an affinity for slow swing speeds, which makes it equally important for beginners, seniors, as well as women golfers. Its design caters to maximizing your distance, ensuring each stroke flutters toward the horizon with precision and grace. This is indeed one of the best soft golf balls for seniors.

What sets the e6 apart is its ability to cut through the complexities of the game, offering a straightforward yet immensely rewarding experience. The Bridgestone e6 golf ball is all about channeling your swing arc rhythm into a golf ball that resonates with your tempo, resulting in shots that surprise you with their newfound power and control. To say that this is among the best golf balls for average golfers or high handicap golfers wouldn’t be wrong.

Key Features

  • Larger and Softer core
  • High Compression Core
  • Surlyn Cover


Construction: Two-piece

Colors: White and Yellow


  • Ideal for Slow Swing Speeds
  • Enhanced Distance Performance
  • Reduced Sidespin for Accuracy
  • Forgiving on Off-Center Hits
  • Affordable Pricing
  • Durable Cover Material


  • Not for High Swing Speeds

Factors to Consider When Looking for the Best Soft Golf Balls

When searching for the best soft golf balls, there are several important factors to consider to ensure you choose the right ball that suits your playing style and preferences. Here are the key factors to keep in mind:

Compression Rating

Soft golf balls typically have a lower compression rating, which means they deform more upon impact. A lower compression ball can provide a softer feel and more distance for players with slower swing speeds. Consider your swing speed and how the compression rating might affect your ball performance.

Feel and Control

The softness of a golf ball directly affects the feel and control you have over your shots. Soft feel golf balls often offer better feedback on contact and can provide enhanced greenside spin and control. Evaluate how much control you want around the greens and during approach shots.

Spin Rate

Soft golf balls usually produce more spin, especially around the greens. This can help you stop the ball faster on the putting surface and control shots more precisely. Consider the level of spin you desire and how it aligns with your playing style.


While soft golf balls might sacrifice some distance compared to harder balls, they can still provide adequate distance off the tee. Balance your desire for softness and control with your need for distance, especially if you have a moderate or high swing speed.

Swing Speed

Your swing speed plays a crucial role in determining the appropriate golf ball for your game. If you have a slower swing speed, a softer ball could help you maximize distance and control. Faster swing speeds might benefit from a slightly firmer ball to optimize performance.


Softer golf balls tend to be more prone to scuffing and wear due to their delicate construction. Consider how often you play and whether you’re willing to trade off some durability for the benefits of a soft ball.


Soft golf balls often come with a premium price tag due to their advanced technology and performance features. Set a budget that aligns with your preferences and how frequently you play to ensure you’re getting value for your money.

Ball Construction

Different manufacturers use varying materials and designs to create soft golf balls. Some balls might have a softer cover but a firmer core for optimal performance. Research the construction of the balls you’re considering to understand how they’re engineered.

best soft feel golf balls

Brand and Model

Well-known golf ball manufacturers often have a range of soft ball options. Research reputable brands and read reviews to get an idea of which models are highly regarded within the soft ball category.

Personal Preference

Ultimately, the best soft golf ball for you is the one that suits your personal preferences and playing style. Consider factors such as how the ball feels off the clubface, how it performs on the green, and how it interacts with your unique swing.

Testing and Feedback

Whenever possible, test different soft golf ball models on the course or at a driving range. Gathering firsthand experience and seeking feedback from other golfers can help you make an informed decision.

By carefully considering these factors, you can narrow down your options and choose the best soft golf ball that aligns with your playing needs and preferences.

FAQs about Best Soft Golf Balls

best soft golf balls for high handicaappers

Are soft golf balls easier to hit?

Soft golf balls can be easier to hit for many players due to their lower compression, which can result in a smoother feel and better control.

What is the benefit of soft golf balls?

The benefit of soft golf balls lies in their improved feel off the clubface, enhanced greenside control, and reduced spin, contributing to better accuracy and shot shaping.

Are soft golf balls good for distance?

Their primary purpose is control and accuracy. However, Soft golf balls can still offer good distance, especially with advancements in ball technology that balance softness and distance performance.

Best soft golf balls for seniors?

Bridgestone e6 and Srixon Soft Feel golf balls are the best soft golf balls for seniors. Given their slower swing speeds, these are perfect for seniors. Best soft golf balls for seniors often include those with lower compression for increased ease of compression and distance.

Best soft golf balls for ladies?

Best soft golf balls for ladies usually consider lower compression for slower swing speeds, promoting better distance and control. Taylormade Soft Response, Titleist Tour Soft, Srixon Soft Feel, and Callaway Supersoft are the perfect options for the best soft golf balls for ladies.

What is the difference between the Urethane cover and the Surlyn Cover?

The difference between Urethane and Surlyn covers lies in performance and cost. Urethane offers better control and spin, while Surlyn is more affordable but might sacrifice some shot-shaping capabilities.

Facts and Stats of Best Soft Golf Balls

  • Soft golf balls typically have a compression rating ranging from 40 to 60. 
  • Soft golf balls are known for their higher spin rates, particularly in short-game situations. Around the greens, these balls can generate spin rates exceeding 10,000 RPM
  • The cover thickness of soft golf balls typically ranges from 0.030 to 0.050 inches (0.76 to 1.27 mm). 
  • The coefficient of restitution (COR) or elasticity coefficient of a soft golf ball typically ranges from 0.5 to 0.7. 

Final Words

Unlike many other sports, where balls don’t play a vital role, the right golf ball can shape triumphs for golfers on the golf course. The best soft golf balls stand as champions of feel, control, and distance. Among these stellar contenders, our best pick is the Titleist Tour Soft golf ball that reigns supreme as the pinnacle of versatility and performance.

We hope this guide helps you in making the best buying decision for soft golf balls that will bring revolution to your golf game.

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