Vice Pro Soft Review: Softest Golf Ball of 2023?

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Low compression, higher ball flight, and greenside spin are what amateur golfers look for, all of which will be discussed in this Vice Pro Soft review. Vice golf balls might be a new name for many golfers but they have been around for quite a while now. Their golf balls, especially the Vice Pro series are gaining attention as new golf balls from the golfers. So what’s so special about the Vice Pro Soft golf ball and is it the softest three-piece golf ball out there? Let’s find out.

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Overview in 10 Seconds

This Vice Pro Soft review examines the golf ball’s performance, construction, and suitability for different players. It’s designed for those with slower swing speeds and offers good distance and control. However, it may not suit very fast swings. The three-layer construction and low compression provide a soft feel and better performance, particularly for beginners and mid-handicappers. It offers a fair price for its quality and is worth considering for improving your golf game.
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How Did I Test the Vice Pro Soft Golf Balls?

My Vice Pro Soft golf ball review was based on two phases.

Practice Range Session

First was the practice range session where I monitored the performance and stats of the Soft Vice golf ball. I recently tested it with my Rapsodo MLM 2 Pro, which is arguably one of the most accurate golf launch monitors. I measured the swing speed, ball speed, ball spin, ball trajectory, offline, carry distance, and total distance.

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On-Course Session

For the next phase, I went to the first tee on the course and played 18 holes to thoroughly examine to see if the Vice Golf ball company claims were true or just mumbling. Quite often Vice Pro Soft is compared with the Callaway Chrome Soft and Titleist AVX. Some even compare it with the mighty Titleist Pro V1. Well, this is not a fair comparison by any means I examined how it performed for slow and mid swing speeds for the long game and the short game. To further put it through the paces, I hit it intentionally (or unintentionally) on the cart path and the tree to see how much durability the Vice Pro Soft carries. More likely, beginners will surely hit shots in the trees and concrete surfaces.

Vice Pro Soft Golf Ball Review
– Best for <95 MPH Swing Speeds

The Vice Pro Soft golf balls are ideally built for slower swing speed players. You would not see advanced players and PGA Professionals using this ball, and rightly so. This is one of my first Vice golf balls review, and it carried many positives and some negatives. This Vice Pro low-compression golf ball surprised me on some fronts, whereas on others, it was quite normal.

Let’s briefly discuss the features and then move on to the performance side.

Vice Pro Soft Features

Giving Pro Soft a try was a good experience. All of the features of Vice Pro Soft were similar to other soft golf balls except for the construction aspect. It is a three-piece soft golf ball whereas most soft balls, even some expensive ones are two-piece golf balls. This surely advocates its durability on paper.

Features of
Vice Pro Soft Golf Ball



Outer Cover



Low, 35

Spin Rate

High, > 2000

Player Profile

Slow Swing Speed

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Construction Layers

As discussed earlier, the Vice Pro Soft has a three-layer construction. A three-piece soft golf ball offers better overall performance. They cover more distance and offer a better short-game spin, especially on the greenside. The addition of a third layer further improves the feel and feedback on the impact of the golf club. The compression is low but the costs are higher. This is where Vice golf balls justify their price tags.

Two Piece vs Three Piece Golf Balls

Two Piece
Srixon Soft Feel

Two Piece
Srixon Soft Feel

Thin Cast Urethane Cover

This is another unique feature of the Vice Pro Soft. Where most soft golf balls have either an ionomer outer cover like the TaylorMade Tour Soft Response and Srixon Soft Feel or a Surlyn outer cover like the Bridgestone e6 golf balls, the Vice Pro Soft golf ball has a thin cast urethane cover that’s expensive and more durable. This is a good feature if you plan to play long.


The Vice Pro Soft compression is low. Like other balls, particularly softer golf balls, Vice Pro Soft compression rating is 35. If you are interested in compression ratings of some of the best golf balls, click here. Adding high-end premium features in rather cheaper golf balls is what Vice Golf is doing. In 2020, they added a High Energy Speed Core in this Vice ball.

A High Energy Speed Core in a golf ball enhances distance, maximizes energy transfer, boosts ball speed for longer shots off the tee, and improves overall performance.

Spin Profile of Soft Vice Golf Balls

The inclusion of three layers and a low compression indicates that the Vice Pro Soft golf ball has over 2000 rpm spin rates. The company claims that even for a slower swing speed, this Vice Pro will offer optimum spin. Mind you, not all soft golf balls have high spin rates. So it is really the best golf ball for spin? Well, I have my doubts. It carries a 318 dimple pattern.

Players Profile for Vice Pro Soft

Ideally, the company suggests that players with swing speeds of less than 95 mph should use this golf ball. It is not recommended for higher swing speeds. Vice offers this for the high handicappers, mid and slow swing speeds, and softer feel performance. You won’t see a PGA professional using Vice balls on a PGA Tour. Simply put, they are not made for them.

Performance of the Vice Soft Pro

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Given the premium features of the Vice Pro Soft, the performance was on par. It is not a cheap golf ball in terms of pricing but when you look at its features and other similar golf balls like the Chrome Soft, you feel like this is priced more than fairly. Let’s discuss the performance of this Vice golf ball from the perspective of a slow swing speed.

Long Game

I decided to give it a whack with my Callaway Paradym driver off the tee box. In my honest review, the ball flight was optimal. It wasn’t an unusually high trajectory but the distance and premium feel were good takeaways. If your average driving distance is 210 yards off the tee, you will see an increment of 5-7 yards. If the distance is less than 210 yards, you will see more yardage covered. However, if you drive the ball around 220+ yards, this ball won’t have any impact on the maximum distance.

With the iron shots, Vice Pro Soft followed a similar distance path with an addition of 5-7 yards on each shot. Unlike high-compression balls that cover a good carry and roll distance, soft balls carry a good distance but their roll is minimal. If you are a beginner or even a senior golfer, these added 5-7 yards will help most golfers in many ways.

Rating Score

I would rate the long game performance
Group 35

Short Game

Honestly, I expected much more on the short game. Although Vice Pro Soft provided consistent control on the approach shots and spin around the green, the spin isn’t as great as it is told. This Vice golf ball will occasionally bump and run past the holes, especially on bunker shots. Golfers have to be careful with that.

Additionally, for beginners, it has optimal spin. You obviously don’t want a rollback on your golf ball or extreme spin rates to hit and stop the ball. This is something that you need at a later stage. The control, consistency, and accuracy of the Vice Pro Soft with the wedges and short irons are good. The larger alignment lines on the softest Vice golf ball help to line up the putts perfectly.

However, it is worth mentioning here that no ball will be good for you if you have inconsistent swings or wrong putting techniques. To putt like pros, visit our Putting Drills and see the difference right from the first session of 20 minutes.

Rating Score

Overall, I would rate the short game
Group 35 7.5

Positives and Drawbacks

Comparison Chart with
Callaway Chrome Soft
and Titleist AVX

Vice Golf Balls Compression Chart

Following is the Vice Pro golf ball compression chart.

Vice Golf Balls Compression Chart

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Final Words

The Vice Pro Soft is a good choice for beginners. These days, most golf balls are either expensive or compromised on quality. This ball checks off these boxes. A fair price with premium quality components. I recommend beginner golfers try these balls. Surely, it will improve your distance and boost your confidence. I hope this Vice Pro Soft review helps you to play good golf.
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