Youth Golf Club Size Chart (30″-66″)

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Almost all great golf players started as junior golfers. Tiger Wood’s first appearance with junior golf clubs was at 6. Rory McIlroy played with junior clubs at the age of 7. Nelly Korda held the first junior golf club when she was 6. If you are a parent or golf trainer with young golf prospects, you should be well-informed about the youth golf club size chart because it directly influences your child’s experience and development in the sport.

What are Youth and Kids Golf Clubs?

As you carefully consider school or extracurricular activities for younger kids, so is the case with golf. Choosing the correct golf club length for young golfers is a decision that will provide the best game development for kids.

A few years back, golf club sizing was based on the ages. Now, junior golf club sets are categorized according to height, swing speed, and skill level of juniors.

The ideal height for the kids’ golf clubs ranges from 30 to 62 inches (2’6” to 5’2”). Whereas adult clubs normally range from 62 to 80 inches (5’2” to 6’8”).

Age and Height Considerations

As described earlier, age is not a deciding parameter anymore. Height is the foundational element in determining the proper club length for junior golfers. A junior golf set that aligns with the physical attributes of kids ensures a comfortable swing and maximum development.

The following is the correlation table, however, height is the primary factor for consideration.

Age and Height for Kid Golfers
Age and Height for Kid Golfers (

Swing Speed Considerations

Swing speed indicates the strength and agility of young golfers. For faster swings, one has to opt for slightly longer golf clubs to produce maximum force. Whereas, for moderate swing speed, the correct club length should be used.

However, for slower swing speeds, it is recommended to use 1-inch shorter golf clubs. This will improve the consistent contact for the junior golfer.

Furthermore, shaft flex also plays an important role along with club lengths.

Swing Speed and Club Length for Juniors
Swing Speed and Club Length for Juniors (

Skill Level Considerations

A beginner golfer should use slightly shorter clubs(1 inch). These offer increased control and help develop proper swing mechanics. This encourages a positive learning experience.

As young golfers progress from beginners to intermediate level, it is crucial to reassess and provide clubs that are properly fitted. This ensures continued development in both skill and confidence.

Intermediate players benefit most from clubs that are properly fitted to their height. This allows them to refine their skills without sacrificing control or power.

An advanced golfer with taller stature and developed skills may benefit from slightly longer clubs (1 inch). This can help maximize their swing speed and overall performance.

Skill Set and Club length for Juniors
Skill Set and Club length for Juniors (

Methods of Measurement for Junior Golf Clubs

The measurement methods for kids’ clubs are the same as for adults.

  • Overall Height
  • Wrist to Floor Measurement

Overall Height

This is the simplest method of measurement. Ensure that the child is wearing golf shoes. Measure the height and align it with the correct club length.

Height Measurement for Junior Golfers
Height Measurement for Junior Golfers (

Wrist to Floor Method

Writs to floor is the most accurate method of measurement for children. In this, measure the length from the wrist crease (where it bends) to the floor when they stand naturally (wearing golf shoes).

Wrist to Floor Measurement for Juniors
Wrist to Floor Measurement for Juniors (

Youth Golf Club Size Chart

Junior golf clubs usually have 8-9 golf clubs in their bag. The following chart shows the standard junior golf club sizing.

Overall Height

Youth Golf Club Size Chart
Youth Golf Club Size Chart (

If the child’s height is 36″, the length difference between the longest driver and the shortest putter golf club is 5.5”.

However, for young players 62” in height, this difference is increased to 8”.

Wrist to Floor Measurement

The following youth golf club size chart shows the wrist-to-floor for the proper selection of junior clubs.

Golf Club Length for Juniors
Wrist to Floor Measurement for Junior Golfers (

Importance of Fitted Junior Golf Clubs

The importance and impact of properly fitted and improperly fitted golf clubs for a young player could be beneficial as well as devastating. Even if a single club is improperly fitted, it will result in reduced development. In the worst-case scenario, it will eventually build a wrong muscle memory.

What Could Go Wrong

The following table describes what could go wrong if your junior is playing the game with improperly fitted golf clubs.

Point Description
Inconsistent Swing Mechanics Without proper club length, kids may struggle with inconsistent swing mechanics, hindering skill development.
Loss of Control and Confidence Inappropriate club length may result in a loss of control, leading to mishits and a decrease in overall confidence.
Reduced Distance and Accuracy Clubs that are too long or too short may impact a golfer's ability to generate power, resulting in reduced distance and accuracy of the ball on the golf course.
Risk of Injury

What Could Go Right

The following table describes what could go right if your junior is playing the game with properly fitted golf clubs.

Points Description
Optimized Swing Development Properly fitted clubs facilitate optimal swing development, allowing young golfers to hone their skills with consistent mechanics.
Enhanced Control and Accuracy Correct club length promotes better control over the club, leading to improved accuracy in shots and navigation on the course.
Increased Confidence Fitted clubs provide young golfers with comfort and confidence, encouraging a positive mindset and a willingness to take on new challenges.
Maximized Distance Well-fitted clubs allow for an efficient transfer of energy, maximizing swing speed and, consequently, achieving optimal distance.

Best Choice for Junior Golf Sets

As they say, a solid foundation will lead to a solid building. Similarly, starting with the right equipment does the same for kid golfers.

There are major golf brands like TaylorMade, Callaway, Tour Edge, US Kids Golf, and Wilson who are producing kids’ golf clubs.

The team at US Kids Golf has a set methodology for the selection of the best. They have a proprietary ‘System’ that has training kits like the Yard Club, Ultralight Series, Tour Series Clubs, and others.

Like most junior golf clubs, these kits have lighter clubhead weight and molded grip. A molded grip is helpful for proper hand position.


The following 20 junior golf sets are the best for young players. These sets have Junior Flex and Graphite Shafts.

Golf Sets: Age 2-5 , Height 30-44

Golf Set Height (in) Product
Callaway XJ1 30-44 JS1 1
Tour Edge HL-J Yellow Junior Set 30-44 JS2

Golf Sets: Age 5-8 , Height 38-48

Golf Sets: Age 9-12 , Height 48-58

Golf Sets: Age 12-14 , Height 57-62

Golf Set Height (in) Product
US Kids Golf Ultralight 60 60-63 js18 1
Tour Edge Bazooka 370 Varsity 60-66 js19 1

Golf Sets: Age 15-19 , Height 58+

Golf Set Height (in) Product
US Kids Golf Ultralight 63 63-66 js20

People Also Ask

What Is the Ideal Age to Introduce a Child to Golf?

The ideal age to introduce a child to golf is typically between 5 and 7 years old. Starting at a younger age allows for skill development.

Can My Child Use Adult-Sized Clubs if They Are Tall for Their Age?

While a child may be tall for their age, it is not recommended to use adult-sized clubs. Properly fitted youth clubs ensure the right weight, length, and flexibility, promoting better swing mechanics and overall skill development.

What Size Golf Clubs for an 11-Year-Old Boy?

The size of golf clubs for an 11-year-old boy depends on his height. Mostly the height range is 48″ to 54″. However, refer to a youth golf club size chart for accurate recommendations. It ensures the clubs are proportionate to the child’s stature, optimizing their performance on the course.

How Do I Choose Golf Clubs for My Height?

To choose golf clubs based on height, consult a youth golf club size chart. Measure the distance from your wrist to the floor and refer to the chart for appropriate club lengths. Properly fitted clubs enhance control, accuracy, and overall enjoyment.

How Do You Calculate Golf Club Size?

To calculate golf club size, measure the distance from your wrist to the floor. Use a youth golf club size chart, aligning the measurement with the recommended club length. This method ensures a proper fit, enhancing performance and comfort on the golf course.

Proper fitting enhances the skill development, confidence, and overall game skills of a junior player. Therefore, parents and trainers should align the selection with the youth golf club size chart to get the most accurate fitting.

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