8 Best Golf Balls for Kids in 2023: Low Compression Junior Balls

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Golf is a game that completely changes a person’s perspective about life and how to deal with it. It is the wish of every parent that their kids get the best of this world. But to get the best, one must become the best. Fortunately, golf is the greatest ally of parents in this venture. Golf is not just a game, it is a reality of life.

As Bobby Jones said, “Golf is the closest game to the game we call life. You get bad breaks from good shots; you get good breaks from bad shots – but you have to play the ball where it lies.”

We could not agree more with what Bobby Jones said. Two basic yet most important pieces of equipment for junior golfers are golf clubs and golf balls. In this blog, we will talk about the best golf balls for kids. Kids golf balls will have certain considerations such as low compression, slower swing speed, and some more that will be talked about as we go on.

Best Golf Balls for Kids

According to a report about junior golf, 3.1 million kids play golf in the United States in 2023. It is said that juniors comprise 13% population on the golf course. If you are a junior beginner golfer or a parent who wants their kid to start playing golf,  you must have ample knowledge about the best golf balls for juniors because a wrong golf ball will destroy the game and shatter the confidence of the golfer.  

best golf balls for kids

Surely, your kid wants to play golf with the golf ball as their favorite golfer. But is it a viable approach? Though golf is primarily contingent on feel, the best golf ball for juniors needs more consideration than just inspiration.

So what’s the best golf ball for kids? We have curated a list of the 8 best golf balls for junior golfers based on the compression rating, golf ball construction, cover material of the golf ball, and lastly, we have added some cool golf balls for kids that include Avengers golf balls and Marvel golf balls.

Our Testers for the Best Golf Balls for Juniors

To determine the average junior golf ball distance off the tee box of the golf balls for slow swing speeds, we asked Ethan and Olivia to hit these lower compression as well as high compression golf balls using a fitted Ping G425 golf driver.

Following is the junior golfer profile of both of our testers.

Junior Golfers Profile Chart

Quick Recommendations for the Best Golf Ball for Junior Golfers

Best Golf Ball for Junior Players: Wilson Duo Soft

1st Runner-up Best Golf Ball for Junior Golfer: Srixon Soft Feel

2nd Runner-up Best Golf Ball for Kids: Titleist Velocity

Following is the golf ball compression chart for the shortlisted best golf balls for junior girls and junior boy golfers. The chart contains the compression rating, cover material of the golf ball, and optimal swing speeds.

Golf BallCompression RatingCover MaterialSwing Speed
TaylorMade Noodle Long & Soft42Ionomer 2-pieceSlow
Callaway Warbird90Ionomer 2-pieceFast
Titleist Velocity65Ionomer 2-pieceSlow
Wilson Duo Soft35Ionomer 2-pieceSlow
Callaway Supersoft47Hybrid 2-pieceSlow
Srixon Soft Feel60Ionomer 2-pieceModerate Slow
Nitro Maximum Distance30Surlyn 2-pieceSlow
Volvik Vivid75Urethane Multi-layerModerate Slow
Golf Balls Compression Chart for Kids

Let’s discuss these best golf balls for kids in detail.

TaylorMade Noodle Long and Soft – Best for Long-Distance

The TaylorMade Noodle Long and Soft golf ball is a fantastic choice when it comes to kids golf balls. Its unique design and build cater perfectly to young golfers. As the name suggests soft feel, this ball ensures a smooth swing experience for junior golf players. The ball’s exceptional ball speed even for slower swing speed and low compression core contributes to impressive high trajectory ball flight, allowing junior golfers to achieve longer distances with ease.

TaylorMade Noodle Long and Soft

If you are looking for golf balls with the maximum distance, have a look here.

  • Long distance for junior swings
  • Soft feel for young hands
  • Affordable for kid golfers
  • Straighter shots boost kids’ confidence
  • Durable for junior practice sessions
  • Limited spin control for advanced kid golfers
  • Not ideal for professional junior tournaments

Callaway Warbird – Best Responsiveness

The Callaway Warbird is the go-to choice for young golfers who want a ball that excels in every aspect. Being a low compression golf ball, it provides an outstanding combination of distance off the tee and softness around the green. Callaway’s reputation for quality shines through, making it perfect for kids looking to improve their golf game. 

Callaway Warbird Best Ball for Kids

If you want golf balls for your junior that are long and responsive, the Callaway Warbird is among the most suitable golf balls for kids. However, Callaway has a broad range of golf balls catering to all swing speeds. Have a look at the 6 best Callaway Golf Balls.

  • Long distance for young swingers
  • Soft feel for small hands
  • Great control around junior greens
  • Durable for young golfers’ practice
  • Affordable quality for junior players
  • Not designed for high-speed swings
  • Limited options for color preferences

Titleist Velocity – Best Ball Speed

Kids love the Titleist Velocity for its lively performance. While not as advanced as the Titleist Pro V1, it’s one of the most popular golf balls among young players. With a focus on distance and a design that complements varying swing speeds, the Velocity delivers impressive results for junior golfers. Its affordability and durability make it a top choice for kids looking to boost their game.

Titleist Velocity Best Speed Ball

However, if your junior has a fast swing speed, go for the Titleist Pro V1 without any second thoughts.

  • Exceptional ball speed for junior golfers
  • Good responsive feel for young hands
  • Affordable quality for kid golfers
  • Durable for kids’ practice sessions
  • Consistent performance aids junior development
  • Limited spin control for advanced kid golfers
  • May not suit very high swing speeds

Wilson Duo Soft – Best for New Learners

The Wilson Duo Soft is a great option for kids learning the golf game. With its lower compression, it is forgiving on slower junior swing speeds. The ball’s low spin makes it ideal for the short game, helping young golfers develop their skills around the green. While it might not suit very high-speed swings, it offers consistency and affordability, making it an excellent choice for the best golf balls for juniors looking to improve their golf game.

Wilson Duo Soft Best Ball for Juniors

In addition, Wilson produces some of the best beginner golf sets under $500. Here are some options for the best golf sets for juniors.

  • Forgiving for young golfers’ swings
  • Low spin aids junior short game
  • An affordable choice for junior players
  • Durable for kids’ practice sessions
  • Consistent performance promotes skill development
  • May lack advanced spin control

Callaway Supersoft – Best for Soft Response

The Callaway Supersoft is one of the best low compression golf balls for juniors,  perfect for young golfers looking to feel good on the golf course. Its ultra-low compression delivers a soft feel that is ideal for kid golfers. While it may not offer advanced driver spin control, it provides impressive distance and accuracy. This is the right golf ball that suits junior players aiming for a balance of soft feel and performance, making it a reliable choice for their rounds on the golf course.

Callaway Supersoft golf ball for kids

Tap here to find some of the best soft feel golf balls of various brands.

  • The soft feel suits young golfers
  • Extra distance for junior swings
  • An affordable choice for junior players
  • Durable for kids’ practice sessions
  • Straight ball flight boosts confidence
  • Limited driver shot workability for kids

Srixon Soft Feel – Best for Greenside Spin

The Srixon Soft Feel golf ball is an excellent choice for kids who want to play with the high core properties of a golf ball, thanks to its advanced technology and key features. Its higher compression core ensures a soft feel while maintaining distance off the tee. Additionally, the Soft Feel offers impressive wedge spin, aiding junior golfers’ short game. 

With this ball, kids can enjoy both distance and control, making it a top pick for those looking to enhance their golfing skills. This is one of the best golf balls for putting. 

Golf ball for juniors

If you are interested in knowing more about Srixon and what golf ball Brooks Koepka used to win the US Open 2023, click here.

  • Soft compression cover ball
  • Enhanced wedge spin for precision
  • Good distance for junior swings
  • An affordable choice for junior players
  • Durable for kids improving short game
  • Limited driver spin control for kids

Nitro Maximum Distance – Best for Straight Shots

The Nitro Maximum Distance golf ball is one of the best golf balls for kids looking to maximize their distance and hit consistent straight shots. This ball offers impressive distance off the tee. Its low compression core provides a soft feel, making it suitable for young golf players. The durable cover ensures longevity.

Nitro Maximum Distance golf ballls for juniors

For kids seeking a reliable ball that combines distance and consistency, the Nitro Maximum Distance is a solid pick.

  • Maximize distance for young golfers
  • More straighter shots
  • Consistent performance aids in skill development
  • Performs well with moderate swing speeds
  • Not ideal for extremely low swing speeds

Volvik Vivid – Best Cool Looking Golf Balls for Kids

We saved the best for the last in this guide about the best golf balls for kids. The Volvik Vivid golf ball is a vibrant and fun choice for junior golfers. With its colorful options, it captures the attention of young players while offering solid performance on the course. The Vivid’s matte finish and low compression core provide a soft feel and good distance. While it may not be the choice for advanced players, it’s an excellent selection for kids who want to inject some color and excitement into their golf game.

Comic golf balls for kids

When we say these are the best golf balls for kids, we mean it. They are available in many comic character themes that bring their own unique and supreme superpowers to the table.

To name a few, Volvik Vivid has a pack of Avengers golf balls and a special pack of Marvel golf balls for kids (Captain America golf balls, Spider-Man golf balls, Iron Man golf balls, Hulk golf balls, Black Panther golf balls, Spider-Man gift pack golf balls, and Thor golf balls. These could be some of the best balls for toddlers to engage them with colors and comic character golf balls.

best golf balls for juniors

Other than this, they have blue golf balls, green golf balls, multi-color golf balls, orange golf balls, pink golf balls, purple golf balls, red golf balls, yellow golf balls, and of course white golf balls.

  • Colorful and fun golf balls for young golfers
  • An affordable choice for young players.
  • Matte finish reduces glare.
  • Ideal for junior golfers with slower swing speeds
  • Build quality could be improved

Moreover, there is an option to customize and decorate your novelty golf balls by painting them and putting stickers on them about the characters and logos that you love.

Key Considerations When Looking for the Best Golf Balls for Kids

When it comes to finding the perfect golf balls for junior players, several key considerations can help ensure an enjoyable and productive experience on the course. Here’s a breakdown of what parents and young golfers should keep in mind while looking for the best golf balls for juniors.


Low Compression: Opt for golf balls with low compression, as they are more forgiving on young golfers’ slower swing speeds. These balls offer a softer feel and better performance for kids.

Balanced Compression: Find a balance between compression and distance to help kids achieve both distance off the tee and control around the green.


Two-Piece vs. Multi-Piece: Two-piece golf balls are simpler and more suitable for junior golfers, offering a combination of distance and durability. Multi-piece balls may provide more control but are better suited for advanced players.

Durable Materials: Look for golf balls made with durable materials that can withstand the wear and tear of practice sessions without breaking the bank.


Ionomer Cover: An ionomer is a type of thermoplastic material used as a cover for golf balls. It’s known for its durability, resilience, and ability to provide a consistent and reliable ball flight.

Surlyn Cover: Golf balls with Surlyn covers are more durable and resistant to scuffs, making them ideal for kids who are learning and may hit off-center shots.

Urethane Cover: Urethane-covered balls offer more control and spin but are usually found in premium golf balls, which may not be necessary for junior players.

Look and Feel

Colorful Options: Consider golf balls with vibrant and colorful designs. Bright colors not only make it easier to spot the ball but also add a fun element to the game for kids.

Matte Finish: Golf balls with matte finishes reduce glare and offer a softer feel, enhancing the overall experience for young golfers.

Remember that the best golf balls for kids may vary depending on their age, skill level, and preferences. It’s essential to strike a balance between performance and playability to ensure that young golfers enjoy their time on the course while improving their skills.

 By paying attention to compression, construction, cover material, and look and feel, parents and junior golfers can select the right golf balls for a more enjoyable and rewarding game.

Average Age Bracket for Junior Golfers

The age bracket of junior golfers typically encompasses children and young individuals up to the age of 18. Junior golfers can be as young as 6 years old, and they are generally categorized into different age groups for competition and development purposes. These age groups often include:

best golf ball for kids

10 and Under

Junior golfers aged 10 and under are commonly grouped together for events and tournaments. This category may sometimes be further divided into even younger age groups, such as 8 and under or 6 and under, depending on the program or competition.


This age group includes junior golfers between the ages of 11 and 13. It serves as an intermediate category between the youngest players and the older teenagers.


Junior golfers aged 14 to 16 often compete together. This age bracket represents a transitional stage between younger juniors and those nearing the end of their junior golf careers.


The 17-18 age group consists of the oldest junior golfers before they transition into adult amateur or professional competition. Many junior golfers in this category are preparing for college golf or other competitive opportunities.

These age brackets may vary slightly depending on the rules and regulations of specific junior golf organizations and tournaments. They are designed to ensure that junior golfers compete against peers of similar age and skill levels, providing a fair and competitive environment for young golfers to develop their talents.

Important Information about Junior and Kid Golfers

Youth Golf Participation

Golf is a popular sport among kids and youth. In the United States, over 2.5 million junior golfers (ages 6-17) participate in organized golf programs and events.

Youngest Golfers

Some kids start playing golf at a very young age. The youngest known golfer to score a hole-in-one was a 3-year-old boy, who achieved this feat in 1975.

Junior Golf Tournaments

There are numerous junior golf tournaments held worldwide. The Drive, Chip, and Putt Championship, hosted by the Masters Tournament, is one of the most prestigious junior golf events in the United States.

College Scholarships

Golf can provide opportunities for young players to earn college scholarships. Each year, many junior golfers secure scholarships to play golf at the collegiate level.

Success Stories

Several successful professional golfers began their careers as junior golfers. Notable examples include Tiger Woods, who started playing golf at a very young age and became one of the greatest golfers in history, and Michelle Wie, who turned pro at age 16.

Age Groups

Junior golfers often compete in different age categories, such as 10 and under, 11-13, 14-16, and 17-18. This allows young golfers to compete against peers of similar skill and age.

Skill Development

Junior golfers focus on improving their skills in areas like driving, chipping, putting, and course management. Many junior golf programs emphasize proper technique and sportsmanship.

Junior Golf Associations

Various countries have junior golf associations that organize tournaments, coaching, and development programs for young golfers. Examples include the American Junior Golf Association (AJGA) and the European Golf Association (EGA).

Girls in Golf

Girls’ participation in junior golf has been on the rise. Organizations like the LPGA-USGA Girls Golf program aim to introduce more girls to the sport and provide opportunities for their development.

National Rankings

Some countries maintain national rankings for junior golfers, which help identify top talent and provide recognition for their achievements.

People Also Ask

What is the best golf for juniors?

TaylorMade Soft Response and Titleist Velocity are the two best golf balls for juniors based on their compression rating, feel, response, and overall performance. Most junior golfers have a swing speed of less than 70 mph, therefore, these balls enhance performance and control.

What’s the difference between kids’ golf balls and regular golf balls?

Kids golf balls typically have lower compression, making them easier to compress with slower swing speeds, offering more distance for young players. They are not manufactured differently. 

Can my child use adult golf balls?

Yes, if your child has a strong skill set, it is possible. However, it is best to start with kids golf balls (low compression golf balls). They are designed for junior swings, providing better performance and feel.

Are colorful golf balls just for looks?

No, colorful golf balls are easier to spot and add fun to the game. They are practical and engaging for young golfers. The Volvik Vivid series has cool looking golf balls and good performance scores.

What is the ideal compression rating for junior golf balls?

Junior golf balls often have compression ratings around 35-60. Lower compression suits kids with slower swing speeds for better results.

Should I invest in premium golf balls for my young golfer?

Premium balls are not necessary for beginners or junior golfers. Focus on affordable options with low compression for improved performance and cost-efficiency because kid golfers tend to lose a lot of golf balls when they start playing golf. It is better to lose cheaper golf balls than expensive golf balls.

Final Words

If you want your kids to learn a game that replicates life and helps them in real-life situations, there is no better option than golf. And what better way to start this great journey than by finding the best golf balls for kids? Go on, order your first sleeve of golf balls, and enter into the world where Tiger Woods, Rory McIlroy, and Michelle Wie entered when they were kids of 4-6 years.

Our best pick is the Wilson Duo Soft golf ball for kids because it has the perfect combination of properties for young golfers to achieve maximum performance on the golf course.

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