Titleist -Pro V1x Left Dash Golf Balls 1 Dozen Review 2024

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The Titleist -Pro V1x Left Dash golf balls 1 dozen released in 2018 as a limited edition offering to the public, have gained remarkable acclaim within both amateur and professional circles globally. Unleashing a golf game’s full potential involves a myriad of facets, paramount among them being the choice of the golf ball. Here we delve into their design, characteristics, and overall performance within the parameters of our ball review.

Overview in 10 Seconds

The blog discusses Titleist -Pro V1x Left Dash Golf Balls. These balls offer high launch, low spin, and exceptional distance. They have a four-layer construction and excel in both long and short games. Priced at $54.99, these provide value for money. Pros include distance and control, but they may not suit soft feel enthusiasts. Overall, they offer high quality and performance for golfers seeking distance and control.

Titleist -Pro V1x Left Dash Golf Balls 1 dozen

Titleist, a renowned and top-ranking company in the golf industry, has outdone itself with the Left Dash version of its hallmark Pro V1x golf balls. This line provides a rare blend of high launch and low spin, sure to please players looking for an extraordinary ball performance on the greens.

titleist -pro v1x left dash golf balls 1 dozen

This ‘Left Dash golf ball,’ variation, previously only made available to tour players, offers a distinctive performance characteristic that sets it apart from its siblings in the esteemed Pro V1x line.

As the tour players demanded a ball with less spin, greater distance, and a slightly firmer feel without sacrificing the control, this left-dash version was born. Over much anticipation, it’s now made available to the public, marking an exciting chapter in the Pro V1x series. 

In this ball review, we will scrutinize the construction, attributes, and performance of the Titleist Pro V1x Left Dash golf balls 1 dozen. Our in-depth analysis aims to establish their position among top tier golf balls, uncovering whether these balls genuinely uphold the superior Titleist reputation.

For all avid golfers out there, this is a must-read to unravel the real magic behind the Pro V1x Left Dash configuration. Buckle up for a dissection of what some are touting as the real game-changer in golf ball technology

Features and Technology Titleist Pro V1x Left Dash Golf Balls

Pro V1x Left Dash

The Titleist Pro V1x Left Dash Golf Balls 1 dozen come with a unique and improved construction, setting them apart from other golf ball models in the market. They boast of a four-layer construction that contributes to their speed and efficiency. These high-performing golf balls are also designed to offer impressive distance with their low spin, making them ideal for golfers who want to see marked improvements in their game.

FeaturePro V1x Left Dash
Short GameDrop and Stop
TrajectoryMid High
Core Technology2G Process Core
2.0 LS Inner Core
3.0 Cast Urethane
Features of Left Dash

Additionally, their high-flight trait ensures that users gain superior command over trajectory in order to hit precise shots. In terms of technology, the Pro V1x Left Dash Golf Balls utilize Pro V1x technology with each layer specifically engineered to offer exceptional distance and the kind of consistent flight every golfer craves. The outer layer of these golf balls is constructed for maximum speed and durability, which proves its mettle with a modern golf driver.

The Titleist’s Pro V1x Left Dash Golf Balls incorporate advanced technology and superior features to enhance any golfer’s game. 

Short and Long Game Performance on the Course

One of the most impressive golf balls I’ve had the pleasure to play with is the Titleist Pro V1x Left Dash. As a premium golf ball, it not only presents a sleek and professional look but also offers excellent performance on the course. I’ve noticed a significant improvement in my accuracy and shot consistency since swapping to these.

Notably, the low spin rate the Pro V1x Left Dash provides ensures my drives are longer and straighter, something that I utterly love as a golfer. On the green, the performance is equally remarkable. The ball’s controlled spin allows for perfect landings with my pitches and chips around the green, making my putter’s work less demanding. In addition, the exceptional feel and sound it produces on impact confirm its premium quality.

As a result of these features, it consistently delivers a fantastic playing experience. The Titleist Pro V1x Left Dash undoubtedly provides an exceptional balance of extraordinary distance and greenside control. 

Pros and Cons

In the Titleist -Pro V1x Left Dash 1 dozen review, we saw their notable strengths include improved aerodynamics, promoting a better long-game performance, and a soft feel suitable for sensitive players. However, potential drawbacks could be their high cost and they might not be suitable for beginners due to their advanced control feature. 

  • Exceptional distance and consistent flight
  • Lower full-swing spin advantage
  • Slightly lower flight trajectory
  • Firmer feel for preference
  • Reliable short-game control (Drop-and-Stop)
  • Comparable performance to Pro V1x
  • May not suit soft feel enthusiasts
  • Limited flight adjustability
  • Potential for a reduced greenside spin

Comparisons to Other Golf Balls

When we draw comparisons between the Titleist -Pro V1x Left Dash Golf Balls 1 dozen and other models from Titleist, or even other brands on the market, it’s clear there are some notable differences. The Pro V1x Left Dash Golf Balls differ from their counterparts in the way they deliver exceptional performance on the course.

FeatureTitleist Pro V1Titleist Pro V1x Left DashSrixon Z-Star XV
Launch and SpinMid Launch, Low SpinHigh Launch, Low SpinHigh Launch, Low-Mid Spin
FeelSlight FirmFirmFirm
Short Game SpinGreatDrop and StopExcellent
Suitable ForWide Range of PlayersPlayers Seeking Distance & ControlPlayers Seeking Distance & Spin Control
Golf Ball Comparison Chart

They seem to provide an edge over other golf balls with their high speed, low long-game spin, and high trajectory, even with a lower swing. If you are a player who tees off at a high swing speed, you are likely to appreciate the amazing flight consistency the Pro V1x Left Dash can offer. For greater clarity and best decision-making, it’s crucial to get as much information as possible about different golf balls.

Left Dash Pro v1x

However, if you really prioritize speed, spin, and control, then the Pro V1x Left Dash Golf Balls can be an excellent choice. So, evaluate your priorities and choose wisely for an enhanced golfing experience.

Price and Value for Money

Titleist -Pro V1x Left Dash Golf Balls 1 dozen are priced at $54.99. These are highly admired and recognized for their incredible performance and durable design. They are priced a bit more than other golf balls in the market, but a majority of golfers find that the price directly correlates to the value and performance they receive in return.

The Pro V1x Left Dash Golf Balls have a distinct ability to optimize the spin rate, giving the player a lot more control over the flight of the ball. This exceptional feature, paired with its unmatchable consistency, justifies the price tag for many enthusiastic golfers. 

As they say, you get what you pay for. For a seasoned golfer, investing in a set of these balls is a great decision and indeed worth every penny. While they might not guarantee a hole in 1 but maybe 2? They do offer the feel and control required to place your ball right where you want it, directly on the green, sending your putter into action.

Evaluating the overall value for money, the performance of the Titleist Pro V1x Left Dash Golf Balls indeed justifies the price. 

User Review

Pro V1x Left Dash Review

FAQs about Pro V1x Left Dash

Do Pro V1 balls go further than Pro V1x?

Pro V1 balls may go slightly further for some players due to their lower trajectory and spin, while Pro V1x offers more control with a higher trajectory and lower spin.

How many dimples does a Pro V1x have?

A Pro V1x golf ball typically has 328 dimples.

Do any pros use left dash Pro V1x?

Yes, some professional golfers use the Left Dash Pro V1x, which is designed to provide lower spin and a slightly firmer feel for greater distance.

What does the left dash mean on the golf ball?

“Left Dash” on a golf ball, like the Pro V1x Left Dash, indicates a variation designed primarily for tour players. It offers specific performance characteristics, such as lower spin and a firmer feel, to meet their preferences and needs.

Final Words

The Titleist Pro V1x Left Dash Golf Balls 1 dozen are a pack of superior quality available in a dozen. These balls have high velocity and remarkable consistency. Ideal for golfers wanting to optimize their long game without sacrificing their short game augmentation. A reliable choice for any golfer who demands both exceptional distance and precise control.

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