Who Makes Kirkland Golf Balls: The Coveted Truth

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Questions like who makes Kirkland golf balls and why are they called Costco golf balls have resurfaced. Kirkland Signature golf balls have once again been the talk of the town since the arrival of their Kirkland golf clubs in 2023. Retailer giants Costco shelved these golf balls for the first time in 2016.

Who Makes Kirkland Golf Balls
Qingdao SM Parker Makes Kirkland Golf Balls (https://canyougolf.com)

Ever since golfers have mixed feelings about Kirkland golf balls. Something must be wrong as the pricing and performance of Kirkland Signature golf balls is on par with other premium golf balls.

Is it the genesis of Kirkland golf balls, their affordable excellence, high performance, or consumer perception?

There has to be some coveted scheme here.

In this blog, we will answer these questions and settle the debate once and for all.

Who Makes Kirkland Golf Balls?

Qingdao SM Parker Golf Company Limited manufactures Kirkland golf balls. Originally, the company’s name was Qingdao Dongsung Golf Company Limited. It was incorporated in 1994 in China. Ever since the company’s line of business includes the manufacturing of sporting and athletic goods.

History of Kirkland Golf Balls

The journey of Kirkland Signature golf balls started in 2016 when the retailer giant Costco entered the golf sector. The primary vision of Costco was to provide its members with a high-quality, cost-effective alternative to established golf ball brands.

It is often misinformed that Nassau Golf used to produce Costco golf balls, however, this is not true. Qingdao SM Parker has manufactured Kirkland golf balls from the start.

Manufacturing of Kirkland Golf Balls

The manufacturing of Kirkland golf balls is based on three important steps.

  • Design Features
  • Production Process
  • Quality Control Measures

Designing Features

All good things start with a thought. Well, the thought behind Kirkland golf ball design was simple. It was to offer a reliable core technology, durable cover material, and relevant dimple pattern.

Unlike other premium ball brands like TaylorMade designed in the USA and manufactured in an Asian country, the Kirkland Signature golf ball is entirely produced by a Chinese sports equipment company.

The following are featured in the design,

Aspect Material
Core Technology Elastic Rubber
Cover Composition Soft Urethane
Dimple Pattern 338 Dimple Pattern

The elastic rubber core enhances responsiveness. The soft urethane cover provides a balance of feel and durability of the Kirkland golf balls. Whereas, the specific 338 dimple pattern optimizes aerodynamics for a controlled ball trajectory.

Production Process

Next, it moves to the production facility of Qindao SM Parker’s sports equipment manufacturing unit located at Hongbucun Liutingzhen Chengyangqu, China.

Production Process Stage
Material Selection Focus on quality and performance attributes.
Initial screening for adherence to standards.
Selection criteria aligned with Kirkland golf ball specifications.
Manufacturing Facility Qingdao SM Parker's sports equipment manufacturing unit, Hongbucun Liutingzhen, Chengyangqu, China.
State-of-the-art facility with advanced machinery.
Skilled craftsmanship combined with technology for precision.
Material Engineering Transformation of selected materials into Kirkland golf balls.
Core material, cover and layer material, and 338 dimple pattern dye processed.

In this phase, the material is engineered to manufacture the Kirkland golf balls. This includes core material, cover and layer material, and the 338 dimple pattern dye.

Quality Control Measures and Shipment

Upon completing the manufacturing process, Kirkland golf balls are subjected to quality control measures. This reinforces Costco’s commitment to deliver consistent quality, thus extending the reliability of performance characteristics of the Kirkland Signature golf ball.

Quality Control Measures
Testing Procedures Rigorous assessments of compression, spin rate, and durability.
Precision testing to ensure consistent performance attributes.
Performance Standards Adherence to high-performance standards for each golf ball.
Validation of reliability in diverse playing conditions.

Once the golf balls are validated for quality assurance, they are shipped to Long Beach, California, and other states of the USA where they are shelved in Costco’s retailing markets.

Performance of Kirkland Signature Golf Balls

Primarily, Kirkland produced three and four-piece golf balls. Their four-piece golf ball got into hot waters in 2016 with Acushnet Holdings filing a lawsuit against Kirkland. We will talk about it shortly.

Kirkland Signature Performance+ Golf Balls

The best-selling golf ball in Kirkland’s lineup is the Performance+.

Kirkland Signature Performance+ Golf Balls
Kirkland Signature Performance+ Golf Balls (https://canyougolf.com)

These are three-piece golf balls. It is a low-budget golf ball that does not compromise on the superior performance.

The Performance+ has low compression and launch angle, the spin performance is notable. Ideal for slow-swing speed golfers, this drops and stops on the green.

An instant increase in distance of 10 yards is imminent for beginners. Reeling them with exceptional performance on the golf course.

However, advanced players won’t be able to take out much of this golf ball’s performance. It might even affect them for the worse.

Comparative Analysis with Titleist and Callaway

Most of the time, Kirkland golf balls are compared with either Titleist golf balls or Callaway golf balls. Particularly, the Pro V1x and Chrome Soft X.

In our opinion, the Kirkland golf balls are premium balls for beginner or advanced beginners as they offer instant improvement. However, the comparison should not be drawn with the premium brands.

Let’s compare the three golf balls and see how they perform.

Kirkland Ball vs Titleist Pro V1x vs Callaway Chrome Soft X
Kirkland Ball vs Titleist Pro V1x vs Callaway Chrome Soft X (https://canyougolf.com)

Distance and Accuracy

In terms of distance and accuracy, we can compare it with the Pro V1x. According to CanYouGolf’s as well as Out of Bound’s review, Pro V1x was of superior quality. However, for beginners, Kirkland golf ball is a quality alternative.

Spin Control

Although it came as a surprise, it was right up to match with the Chrome Soft X and the Pro V1x.

It went toe to toe with the Pro V1x and stayed a little behind the Chrome Soft X because of its 4 layers and much higher spin properties.

Feel and Durability

Even though Kirkland are soft urethane golf balls, their feel was a bit firmer than the Titleist Pro V1x and Callaway Chrome Soft X.

Whereas, there are some concerns about the durability. Kirkland golf balls are not suitable for serious and professional golfers. The soft urethane of the Kirkland golf ball does not hold well against any premium golf ball.

High-swing speed golfers should not use it as it cracks and starts to wobble.

Comparison of Kirkland with Premium Brands
Comparison of Kirkland with Premium Brands (https://canyougolf.com)

All in all, we can say that the Kirkland golf balls are the parallel of Pro V1s for beginners.

They can achieve much better results by playing golf with Kirkland than premium brands. Not to mention, beginners are bound to lose a sleeve (if not more). A premium ball will cost them a great deal of bucks.

User Reviews and Ratings for Kirkland Golf Balls

We have shared our review. Now it is to share the user reviews and ratings of Kirkland golf balls.

Amazon Reviews

 Amazon Reviews of Kirkland Golf Ball
Amazon Reviews of Kirkland Golf Ball (https://canyougolf.com)

Costco Reviews

Costco Reviews of Kirkland Golf Ball
Costco Reviews of Kirkland Golf Ball (https://canyougolf.com)

Why Did Titleist Sue Kirkland Golf Balls?

Kirkland launched their four-piece golf ball in 2016.

Background of the Lawsuit

Costco boldly claimed that these golf balls matched or even surpassed the quality of other premium brands in the market. It was a promise that resonated with cost-conscious golfers looking for high performance without the $3-4 higher priced golf balls tag.

Allegations Made by Titleist

However, it soon hit a rough patch when Acushnet Holdings, the manufacturer of Titleist golf balls, decided to tee off a legal battle. They filed a lawsuit against Kirkland, alleging 10 patent violations related to the four-piece golf balls.

The details of the lawsuit are not publicized to date.

Resolution of the Lawsuit

The golf ball war settled out of court, but not without consequences. As the legal dust settled, so did the production of the four-piece Kirkland golf balls. They vanished from the shelves.

The One with the Failed Comeback

Nevertheless, Costco was ready for a comeback in 2019. They announced a brand new four-piece golf ball, keeping the same affordable price point.

Excitement filled the air but it was short-lived. Golfers soon took to the internet, flooding Golf forums and review sites with pictures of cracked golf balls and damaged covers.

Costco found itself in the rough, grappling with negative coverage and a barrage of bad reviews. Swiftly realizing the impact on their reputation, they made a strategic move.

Does Costco Sell Golf Clubs?

Now that we are over who makes Kirkland golf balls and Costco is selling golf balls. It is time to move to the next phase.

Does Costso sell golf clubs? Yes, they do.

They sell Callaway golf clubs and now their Kirkland Signature golf clubs.

Kirkland Signature Players Set

However, in late 2023, Kirkland introduced its golf equipment. The hype was building up for years. Costco kept its promise to launch high-quality golf irons at an affordable price.

The Kirkland Signature player irons and the adjustable golf driver were sold within hours of their launch. This shows the brand loyalty that Costco has gained with its Kirkland Signature.

$499 for a brand new and latest tech-equipped golf club set is a good bargain.

Kirkland Golf Clubs
Kirkland Signature Player’s Iron Set (https://canyougolf.com)

The set includes 4-9 irons and a Pitching wedge. True Temper Elevate 115 Steel Shaft and Lamkin Crossline 360 Grips are used for the Player’s set.

So far, customers are loving it. No wonder it sold out within hours.

Who Manufactures Kirkland Golf Clubs?

Southern California Design Company has designed the new Player’s Iron Set for Kirkland. It is a golf-oriented design company located in Carlsbad.

TaylorMade Files a Lawsuit Against Kirkland

Kirkland finds itself entangled in a legal dispute once again as TaylorMade takes legal action against the retailer on 31 January 2024.

The lawsuit alleges that Kirkland’s Signature irons, not only infringes upon five patents related to TaylorMade’s P790 irons but also accuses Costco of misleading advertising regarding the construction of these irons.

Priced at $499, the Kirkland Signature irons have garnered attention. In contrast, TaylorMade’s latest version of the P790 irons is priced at $1,400.

This legal showdown places Kirkland in hot water once again, as the company navigates through allegations of patent infringement and false advertising. The clash between TaylorMade and Kirkland has their reputation and innovation at stake. We wait to see how this unfolds.

People Also Ask

Are Costco Golf Balls the Same as Titleist?

The general perception is that Costco golf balls are the same as Titleist, however, this is not true. Titleist golf balls are superior in distance, accuracy, feel, durability, and spin rates.

Why Did Titleist Sue Kirkland?

In 2016, Titleist sued Kirkland for violating 10 patents of Titleist Pro V1 golf balls. Both parties settled, however, Kirkland stopped producing golf balls of four pieces.

Why Did TaylorMade Sue Kirkland?

TaylorMade sued Kirkland in January 2024 for violating five patents of TaylorMade’s P790 iron set and false advertising.

Are Kirkland Golf Balls Made by Titleist?

No, Kirkland golf balls are produced by Qingdao SM Parker Golf Company. Kirkland is often compared with Titleist golf balls, however, the latter is superior in construction and performance.

Are Kirkland Golf Balls Good for High Handicappers?

Yes, Kirkland golf balls have low compression and soft urethane cover. It can offer excellent performance for high handicappers in terms of distance and spin control.

Which Kirkland Golf Balls are The Best?

Kirkland Performance+ golf balls are the best-performing balls of Kirkland. these are high-quality golf balls that are often compared with Titleist balls.

Since 2016, Kirkland has faced many lawsuits. Are they really violating patents and false advertising or there is some coveted agenda? We are to see that but the good news is that by now you know who makes Kirkland golf balls and who makes Kirkland golf clubs.

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