How Many Dimples Are On A Golf Ball (Dimple Count of 15 Brands)

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Do you want to know the exact number of how many dimples are on a golf ball? This is an often-asked question that is either not answered or incorrectly answered because of misleading information. Originally, there were no golf ball dimples.

As the golf game progressed, dimples on a golf ball were introduced. And now, they are a vital aspect of it ranging between 300-500.

What Are Dimples On A Golf Ball?

Dimples on a golf ball are small, shallow indentations or depressions on the surface of a golf ball. These dimples play a crucial role in aerodynamics, influencing the ball’s trajectory and lift during flight.

Most dimples are round shaped whereas some golf balls have HEX shapes.

Dimples are also known as,

Other Words for Dimples

How Many Dimples Are On A Golf Ball?

There is no one answer to the number of dimples on a golf ball. Each brand and its product lineup differs in golf ball dimple design and dimple patterns. As said earlier, the dimple on a golf ball ranges from 300-500. The mean number of dimples on golf balls is 350.

Before we go into the details of most golf balls, let’s take a sneak peek at the most popular golf balls and their number of dimples.

how many dimples are on a golf ball
Dimples Count of Popular Golf Balls (

These are some of the best golf ball manufacturers. As you can see, most of the golf ball dimples are between 300-370. As per Scientific American, dimples on a golf ball are usually 0.010 inches in depth.

Next up, we will discuss the number of dimples for the 15 most famous brand and their golf balls.

How Many Dimples on Titleist Golf Balls

Titleist is the best golf ball brand when it comes to golf balls. Their golf balls are used by 80% of PGA Pros. To say that Titleist Pro V1 is one of the best golf balls would not be wrong. The highest dimple count of Titleist is 372.

Below are the 9 dimpled golf balls of Titleist.

how many dimples on Titleist Golf Balls
Titleist Golf Balls Dimple Count (

How Many Dimples on TaylorMade Golf Balls

TaylorMade has produced some of the most iconic golf equipment and golf balls. Over the last 25 years, TaylorMade has become one of the major golf ball manufacturers. Legendary golfers like Rory McIlroy are using their golf balls.

Following are the best 10 golf balls of TaylorMade.

how many dimples on TaylorMade Golf Balls
TaylorMade Golf Balls Dimple Count (

How Many Dimples on Callaway Golf Balls

Callaway golf balls are one of the best soft golf balls. Former number one professional golfer Jon Rahm uses the Callaway Chrome Soft. All of the latest Callaway golf ball lineup has a uniform 332 dimple pattern. However, the shape of the dimples differs in certain models that have Hexagonal dimples.

Following are the best 5 golf balls of Callaway.

how many dimples on Callaway Golf Balls
Callaway Golf Balls Dimple Count (

How Many Dimples on Srixon Golf Balls

Srixon is a Japanese-based golf equipment and ball maker known for its high-performing technology. They are manufacturers of one of the best soft golf balls. 5-time Major Champion Brooks Koepka uses Srixon as his primary golf ball brand.

Following are the 7 best Srixon golf balls along with the golf ball dimples.

how many dimples on Srixon Golf Balls
Srixon Golf Balls Dimple Count (

How Many Dimples on Bridgestone Golf Balls

Bridgestone is a powering force in the golf ball industry. All-time great Tiger Woods plays with a Bridgestone golf ball. A major chunk of their lineup is either 330 golf ball dimples or 326 golf ball dimples.

Below is the list of 10 Bridgestone balls to understand how many dimples are present on them.

how many dimples on Bridgestone golf balls
Bridgestone Golf Balls Dimple Count (

How Many Dimples on Mizuno Golf Balls

Mizuno has the highest number of dimples on a golf ball. Currently, two of their golf ball models have a 566 dimple pattern. These deeper dimples create an extra lift force for golfers. However, high dimples on a golf ball are only recommended for high-swing speed golfers.

Following are the dimple counts of 4 of their golf balls.

how many dimples on Mizuno golf balls
Mizuno Golf Balls Dimple Count (

How Many Dimples on Nike Golf Balls

Though Nike has stopped producing golf balls, however, their golf ball lineup is still up for grabs in the market. If you are a Nike golf ball user and want to understand how many dimples are on their golf balls, have a look at the chart below. It has the second most dimples after Mizuno.

how many dimples on Nike golf balls
Nike Golf Balls Dimple Count (

How Many Dimples on Maxfli Golf Balls

Maxfli golf ball makers apply 5 different dimple patterns on their golf balls. Their ball’s dimple pattern is suitable for beginners and intermediate players. Following is the list of their 10 different golf balls and their dimple pattern.

The range is 318 to 422.

how many dimples on Maxfli golf balls
Maxfli Golf Balls Dimple Count (

How Many Dimples on Pinnacle Golf Ball

Pinnacle is a child company of the Titleist golf manufacturers. Their golf ball’s performance characteristics are ideal for beginner and intermediate golfers. Most recreational golfers play with a Pinnacle-branded golf ball. They follow either the 322 dimple pattern or the most common 332 dimple pattern.

how many dimples on Pinnacle golf balls
Pinnacle Golf Balls Dimple Count (

How Many Dimples on Top Flite Golf Ball

Top Flite was owned by Callaway Golf Manufacturers from 2003-2012. Their golf ball dimples work on the same uniform pattern. Top Flite also follows 332 dimple patterns.

how many dimples on Top Flite golf balls
Top Flite Golf Balls Dimple Count (

How Many Dimples on Wilson Staff Golf Ball

During the early 2000s, Wilson’s golf ball makers were at an equal level with the Titleist. It would not be wrong to say that Wilson has always been a pioneering force in pushing the technological advancements of modern golf ball dimple science.

Their dimples range from 302-432.

how many dimples on Wilson golf balls
Wilson Golf Balls Dimple Count (

How Many Dimples on Vice Golf Ball

Unlike other brands, Vice and the following brands are rather newer. These are modern golf balls that surpass Pinnacle and Top Flite in their golf ball performance. Their dimple pattern ranges from 318 to 392.

how many dimples on Vice golf balls
Vice Golf Balls Dimple Count (

How Many Dimples on Volvik Golf Ball

Just like Vice, Volvik is a novice golf ball brand that offers bright colors. However, bright color is not the only golf ball’s characteristics that make it an above-average golf ball. Their dimpled golf ball ranges from 322 to 446.

how many dimples on Volvik golf balls
Volvik Golf Balls Dimple Count (

How Many Dimples on Piper Golf Ball

Piper is a golf brand that hit the stores during the Covid-19 days. Their modern golf ball lineup is comprised of only four balls. All of their golf balls follow a simple 332-dimple design.

how many dimples on Piper golf balls
Piper Golf Balls Dimple Count (

How Many Dimples on Nitro Golf Ball

The United States Golf Association conforming and approved Nitro balls have a uniform dimple pattern of 352.

how many dimples on Nitro Golf balls
Nitro Golf Balls Dimple Count (

Why Do Golf Balls Have Dimples?

There are mainly 4 reasons why golf balls have dimples.

AerodynamicsDimples on a golf ball enhance lift and reduce air drag (air pressure). This optimizes the dimpled golf ball flight.
Increased DistanceImproved aerodynamics result in longer distances with each shot. The lift-up of the golf ball is much easier than the previously adopted smooth golf ball.
Controlled SpinDimples help regulate the spin of the golf ball. This aids in better control and accuracy, especially around the greens.
StabilityDimples-covered surfaces of golf balls promote stability. Dimples play a vital role in maintaining maximum stability the windy conditions.
Why Do Golf Balls Have Dimples?

Should You Use a High Dimple Count or a Low Dimple Count?

Surely, a high dimple-count golf ball will perform better in areas of aerodynamics, distance coverage, spin, and stability in your game. Whereas a low dimple count golf ball will result in a lesser impactful performance.

But that is not it! There are other factors at play here. Your golf ball compression and swing speed are equally important.

Golf is all about finding the right combination.

If you are a beginner who has struck the right combination for your golf equipment, you are already past 90% of beginners. That is why it is important to know these minute details because they are there for a reason.

Click here if you want to know more about golf ball compression of 30+ golf balls and their relative swing speeds.

History of Golf Ball Dimples

The earliest golf balls were made with a molded tree sap latex material called gutta. That is the reason those were called Gutta Percha Golf Balls. Initially, they were like smooth golf balls with no dimples or dents. The next phase of Gutta Percha golf balls included dents on it.

Gutta Percha Golf Ball
Dimple-less Gutta Percha Golf Ball (

In the early 20th century, golfers noticed that their accidentally dented golf balls performed well against a perfectly round and completely smooth ball. The worn-out and dented balls covered more distance. Whereas smooth golf ball hit resulted in lesser distance.

How many dimples on a golf ball
Smooth Ball vs Dimpled Golf Ball (

Curious about the development, William Taylor (an engineer) started to research and in 1905 proposed the word ‘Dimples‘ with his patent that acknowledged aerodynamics.

In 1930, this innovation stepped up a notch when the focus was shifted to how air pressure affects the golf ball’s lift. This was the refining phase of dimples and questions were asked about how many dimples are on a golf ball and how many dimples should be there on a golf ball to create lift.

This led to further innovation and the start of the 21st century marked a new chapter for golf ball dimples. As mentioned above, there are 25+ golf ball brands, and each is working to refine the best-performing dimple patterns for the ball flight and distance.

Continuous research is carried on to brig consistent ball flight and further minimize air resistance and aerodynamic drag.

Eact targetted and accidental finding in the sport has altered the golf history.

People Also Ask

When Did Golf Balls Get Dimples?

In 1905, William Taylor put forward his patent about the aerodynamics of a golf ball with the inclusion of dents. These dents were called Dimples in his patent.

How Many Dimples Are on a Golf Ball?

A golf ball can have dimples from 220-566. However, most popular golf balls have a dimple count of 324-360.

What If Golf Balls Don’t Have Dimples?

If golf balls don’t have dimples, it will result in greater air resistance, lesser distance, low spin, uncontrolled shots, and overall inconsistency in the golf game.

How Much A Golf Ball Weigh?

Golf ball weights should be equal to or less than 45.93 grams.

How Big is a Golf Ball?

As regulated by the USGA and R&A, the official golf ball size should be 1.68 inches or 4.27 centimeters in diameter.

Final Words

Golf ball dimples play a crucial role along with the golf ball construction layers, cover material, and compression rating. There is no perfect answer to how many dimples are on a golf ball but now you know what dimples could do for you.

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