Piper Golf Balls Review: Competition for Big Brands

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Today, we bring to you the much-awaited Piper Golf balls review. Piper Golf is a brand that resonates with many golfers because of its originality. An idea of Mike Gottfried (Founder of Piper Golf) got its way into the real world in the form of a brand that is unlike big brands and their wide range of golf balls. After extensive testing, Mike came up with a lineup of four golf balls in Atlanta, GA.

Piper Golf Balls Review

Like most golfers searching for the right ball, Mike went through the same process. No one golf ball was perfect as each golf ball had some plus and minuses. This gap proved to be a birthplace for Piper Golf. In this buying guide, we will conduct a thorough Piper Golf ball review of each ball and find out if these golf balls are a good addition to the golf industry or not.

We have put these Piper golf balls which are also offered in a sampler pack to learn about the appearance, cover feel, ball mechanics, ball performance, and life of these golf balls. For this review, we tested the most premium golf balls as well as the basic Piper Green variant. We will also share reviews of the golfers about Piper Golf balls.

Piper Golf Balls Review 2023

Following are the golf balls that we will review.

  • Piper Green Golf Ball
  • Piper Blue Golf Ball
  • Piper Black Golf Ball
  • Piper Gold Golf Ball

How Did We Conduct Piper Golf Balls Review

For this golf ball review, along with 3 other golfers, we went to the Secret Valley Golf Club in Cyprus. As each of these Piper Golf balls require a different set of skill level, we decided to test these golf balls with a golfer suited best for the review. We conducted this review in two phases to test each aspect of the Piper Golf balls.

Phase 1 of the Golf Ball Review

The first phase consisted of testing these golf balls on a commercial golf simulator at the indoor facility of the golf club. Our aim here was to calculate our playing swing speed, shot direction, shot distance, approach shots, and greenside spin. However, this analysis and testing was conducted in a controlled environment. We jotted down the numbers and then moved on to hole 1 of the Secret Vally Golf Course.

Following is the golfer profile of all four golfers who took part in this Piper Golf balls review.

GolferAgeHandicapSwing SpeedDriver
David Williams451975Ping G425 Max
Samuel Zaidman261494TaylorMade Stealth
Robert Smith296105Titleist TSR3
Damien Greer342113Callaway Paradym
Golfer’s Profile

Phase 2 of the Golf Ball Review

This was the most important phase of our Piper Golf ball review as we moved to the real-course conditions. To make this review as accurate as possible, we took out our personal mobile launch monitors to further get into the details and see if these Piper Golf balls hold their end of the bargain or if these are like other golf balls that promise consistent performance whereas in reality, did not offer much of a noticeable difference.

We used the Rapsodo MLM 2 Pro. This is a great golf launch monitor that has ample value for money. We have reviewed the MLM 2 Pro here. It will improve your golf game especially if the users are beginners or mid handicappers.

So, how did these Piper Golf balls perform on the golf course? Let’s find out.

Best Piper Balls

For the following four balls, we will talk about who are they best for, their features, performance, pros and cons, and their pricing brackets.

Piper Green Golf Balls – Best for High Handicappers (18+)

Introducing a lineup of 4 golf balls for a new entrant is an impressive feat. Piper Green is the most inexpensive golf ball of Piper Golf priced at $23.99 per dozen. Our first impression of the Piper Green was a huge WOW. A golfer like John who hits consistent slices and uncontrolled hooks saw an immediate improvement in the form of straighter shots and more distance.

Piper Green Golf Balls

Piper Golf’s claims about the Piper Green are not hollow. For lower swing speeds, more straight shots and lower spin is the key to a better game. The softer feel of this golf ball makes it comparable with Callaway Chrome Soft as well as Callaway Supersoft golf balls. To say that this gives a good soft feel competition to the Callaway Chrome Soft X wouldn’t be wrong.

Like most soft feel golf balls, the Piper Green ball has a two-piece construction with a copolymer custom Dupont Surlyn cover durability. What makes Piper Golf balls trustable is their 30-day money-back guarantee. If you are interested in learning more about the best Soft Feel Golf Balls, click here.

Piper Green golf ball is for you if you shoot between 90-100 or even above. Piper Golf suggests that if you hit your 7 iron less than 150 yards, this golf ball will help you achieve long distance and more carry with the same golf clubs (Not extreme distance though). We suggest playing with the Piper Green golf balls if you want a lower spin and break 90 as soon as possible.

Key Features

  • Highly Visible Alignment Lines
  • 332 Dimple Design
  • DuPont Surlyn Cover Material


Construction: Two-piece

Colors: White

Compression: Low

  • Longer Distance
  • Softer Feel
  • Limits Hooks and Slices
  • Optimal Flight
  • Low Spin on the Green
  • Short Game Might Be Compromised

User Review

Piper Green Review

Piper Blue Golf Balls – Best for Mid Handicappers (5-15)

Next up is the Piper Blue golf ball. Being a mid-handicapper, I tested this golf ball myself. We won’t exaggerate it as it is an upgraded version of the Piper Green. Claims about this golf ball are the same as that of the previous golf ball. However, it needs more control to execute those amazing shots. Yes, it will limit hooks and slices and offer more distance. So what is the difference between Piper Green and Piper Bule if they offer the same improvements?

Piper Blue Golf Balls

The difference lies in swing speed. If you have low swing speed and you hit your 7 iron less than 150 yards, it doesn’t matter if you use Green or Piper Blue because the distance will be the same. However, if your swing speed is slightly higher and you send your 7 iron shots over 150 yards, the Piper Blue will add 5-10 yards on each shot. This Piper golf ball will induce extreme distance at a price of $27.99 per dozen.

As for construction, it is a three-piece golf ball with a custom Durable DuPont Surlyn cover. If we are to compare this ball with other balls, it would be a competition of two balls, the Titleist Tour Speed and Callaway Chrome lineup. Overall, this golf will offer better distance, spin, feel, and control from the tee to the green.

Key Features

  • Highly Visible Alignment Lines
  • Symmetrical 332 Dimple Design
  • Custom DuPont Surlyn Cover Material


Construction: Three-piece

Colors: White

Compression: Mid-Low

  • Longer Distance of the Tee
  • Softer Feel Ball
  • Limits Hooks and Slices
  • Good Ball Flight Trajectory
  • Short Game Might Be Compromised due to Low Spin Properties

User Review

Piper Blue Review

Piper Black Golf Balls – Best for Low Handicappers (0-5)

Now we move on to the high-priced golf balls of Piper Golf. If you have played golf with some of the most expensive golf balls like TaylorMade TP5 or Titleist Pro V1, you will find the Piper Black among those tour balls. And rightly so for several reasons. This ball delivers performance where most golf balls of the average cadre fail to perform.

Piper Black Golf Balls

Unlike the previous two balls, Piper Black offers high spin and your pitch shots never go wrong. The backspin properties of this ball are of tour quality. Most golfers look for a ball that stops on the green. This is exactly that ball. Higher trajectories with stable ball flight lead to high spin softer landings.

Due to its three-piece construction like Piper Blue, the ball offers a good spin. There are quite a few differences but the main difference is its soft Urethane cover. This Urethane cover Piper Black ball is ideal for golfers who love to shape the ball flights and can easily hit their 7-iron over 165 yards.

If you regularly shoot between 70-80 and have a swing speed of 100+ mph, surely the Piper Black will be a great addition to your golf ball sleeves. Due to its soft feel, it is a comparable ball of Callaway Chrome Soft. This ball offers the best feel at impact. However, if you are a mid or high handicapper, this ball will bring more bad than good to your game as high spin will induce greater risks of hooks and slices.

Key Features

  • Boosted Distance and Stable Flight
  • Symmetrical 332 Dimple Design
  • Custom Soft Urethane Cover


Construction: Three-piece

Colors: White

Compression: High

  • Boosted Distance of the Tee
  • Softer Feel Ball like Chrome Soft
  • Induces High Spin
  • Good Ball Flight Trajectory
  • Prone to Hooks and Slices

User Review

Piper Black Review

Piper Gold Golf Ball – Best for Scratch and Pro Golfers

Last yet the best Piper Golf product of Mike Gottfried is the Piper Gold. As the name is self-explanatory, this ball is indeed gold of golf equipment for golfers. This is an affordable premium golf ball that gives tough competition to balls such as the Srixon Z-Star XV and Titleist Pro V1x. Piper Gold is the sum product of all previous balls. It offers an incredible amount of spin that’s even higher than the Piper Black.

Piper Gold Golf Ball

This is also a soft-feel golf ball that is compressed further into 4 layers of construction. It offers a huge amount of spin on the shots, especially around the greenside. If Piper Green carries the ball immensely long, Piper Gold has the ability to stop it on the green. Greenside control and short-game expertise are exactly what scratch and serious golfers expect from their golf balls.

This ball is for you if you like to shape shots with a high possibility of hooks and slices. Only a golfer who has the utmost confidence in his game should buy this most expensive golf ball from Piper Golf. If you are a mid handicapper who is looking for high spin, Piper Gold might be the best option for you as long as you know how to recover from slice and hook shots. Along with a great feel like Piper Black, the Piper Gold excels in the spin department and outperforms all other balls. Thus, if you are looking for a lower spin, this is not the right ball.

Key Features

  • Softer Feel Ball like Chrome Soft
  • Softest Feel with Enhanced Greenside Control
  • Custom Soft Urethane Cover


Construction: Four-piece

Colors: White

Compression: Very High

  • High Spin for Maximum Playability
  • Ideal for High Swing Speeds
  • Induces High Spin for Short Game
  • Good Ball Flight Trajectory
  • Prone to Hooks and Slices

User Review

Piper Gold Review

Factors to Consider When Looking for a Good Golf Ball

The following are the key factors one should consider before buying Piper golf balls or any other golf balls. If you are interested in more golf ball reviews, have a look at the following buying guides.


When searching for the best Piper golf balls, consider their performance. Assess factors like distance, accuracy, and spin control. The ideal ball should match your playing style, helping you achieve optimal results on the course.


Look at the ball’s construction, including the number of layers, cover material, and dimple pattern. These aspects affect durability, feel, and trajectory, allowing you to choose a ball that suits your preferences.


Pay attention to compression rating. Higher compression balls are suited for faster swing speeds, while lower compression balls benefit slower swingers. Choosing the right compression level ensures you get the most out of your shots.


Evaluate the cost of Piper golf balls. Different models come with varying price tags. Balance your budget with the ball’s performance and durability to find the best value for your money.


Consider the ball’s color and design for visibility. A ball that’s easy to spot in various lighting conditions can help you track your shots better and avoid losing balls on the course. Choose a color and design that suits your preferences and enhances your game.

People Also Ask

Are Piper Golf Balls Good?

Yes, Piper Golf balls are good for golfers of each skill set. From their low-end golf balls to the most premium golf balls, each ball has cutting-edge technology that caters to high, mid, and low handicappers as well as scratch golfers. Their golf balls are comparable to big brands like Callaway, TaylorMade, Srixon, and Titleist.

Are Piper Golf Balls Legal?

Yes, Piper Golf balls are legal and conform to the USGA rules. Conforming golf balls adhere to specific size, weight, and performance standards outlined by the USGA’s Rules of Golf. These regulations ensure that all golfers use equipment that does not provide an unfair advantage and promotes a level playing field during competitions.

Piper Black vs. Vice Pro, Which is Better?

The Vice Pro and Piper Black golf balls differ in performance, with the Vice Pro excelling in distance and control, while the Piper Black offers a balanced performance for a wider range of golfers. Both balls feature a three-piece construction. Vice Pro offers compression options to suit various swing speeds, but it is generally pricier. Piper Black is a budget-friendly choice with a traditional white color, while Vice Pro provides color variety for better visibility.

Maxfli Tour vs. Piper Blue, Which is Better?

The Maxfli Tour golf ball is known for its premium performance, offering exceptional distance, control, and a soft feel. It typically features a multi-layer construction with a urethane cover, which enhances spin and control around the greens. On the other hand, the Piper Blue golf ball is designed for affordability and solid all-around performance. It usually comes with a two-piece construction, making it more durable but potentially sacrificing some greenside control. Golfers seeking a premium experience might opt for the Maxfli Tour, while those prioritizing value and durability could lean toward the Piper Blue.

What is the Price of Piper Green?

The price of Piper Green is $24.99/dozen. Each ball costs $2.08.

What is the Price of Piper Blue?

The price of Piper Green is $28.99/dozen. Each ball costs $2.41.

What is the Price of Piper Black?

The price of Piper Green is $34.99/dozen. Each ball costs $2.91.

What is the Price of Piper Gold?

The price of Piper Green is $38.99/dozen. Each ball costs $3.24.

For golf ball reviews of the Srixon and Callaway brands, visit the following links.

Final Words

Our extensive testing of these four golf balls is aimed at finding the best offered by this novice golf ball brand that is trying to compete with the mainstream golf equipment brands. Though these balls do not surpass the quality of those high-tech golf balls, their affordability, and performance will make you revisit your golf ball selection. 

We hope this Piper Golf Balls review answers your questions about this young brand.

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