Exploding Golf Balls: The 4 Best Ones to Use for a Prank

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Golf is all about having a good time out in the serene nature. It is often regarded as a serious sport that requires genteel conduct. Golfers always strive for accuracy and precision as it gives them a sense of achievement. Nevertheless, your golf game does not always have to be as serious as it can get on the PGA tour. 

You can always add a touch of humor, fun, and surprise when playing with your friends with exploding golf balls. After all, friendly laughs are always a good cause irrespective of the game situation.

So what are these exploding golf balls that golfers often use as prank balls that become thin air upon impact? This golf ball appears to be a real golf ball but in reality, it is an exploding golf ball. Let’s discuss what are these exploding golf balls and how you can utilize them to pull a prank on your golfing buddies and get them scared as soon as the golf ball explodes turning into a cloud of dust.

Prank Golf Balls

Exploding golf balls are a sub-category of prank golf balls. There are three types of prank golf balls.

  • Exploding Golf Ball
  • Unputtable Golf Ball
  • JetStream Golf Ball
  • Phantom Golf Ball

Exploding Golf Ball

Of these prank golf balls, exploding golf balls appear to be the most fun purchase for golfers. These are the golf balls that explode on impact into a cloud of white powdery dust, leaving your fellow golfers bewildered and amused. The explosive mechanism is usually triggered by impact, and the reactions it generates are priceless.

exploding golf ball

Before we move on to the mechanics of exploding golf balls and tell you how to set up the prank with these golf balls to get the most fun on the golf course, let’s talk about some of the best exploding golf balls that are available on the browser and website to save you from the hassle of searching the best sleeve of exploding golf balls.

Unputtbale Golf Balls

The former golf ball looks like a real golf ball but it wobbles continuously like a golf ball that has springs in it. While putting, a gentle putt would wobble the ball off the green onto the greenside grass. Trying to sink a putt with one of these golf balls can be an exercise in frustration and amusement that will disappoint the player. For pranks, you can use a sleeve of this golf ball that has uneven weight distribution to surprise your friend and have a fun moment on the greens.

JetStream Golf Ball

A JetStream golf ball has a ribbon inside it that comes out during the flight. When this golf ball is hit by a driver, it starts to soar through the air and you can see the trajectory because of the ribbon. The shot appears perfectly normal until it starts to visit the world with its altered ball flight that goes left, right, and again to left.

The flight is anything but straight. We warn you in advance that your friend would want a mulligan for justice. A good fun moment with these golf balls is worth the money, right?

Phantom Golf Ball

Phantom golf balls refer to a ball that turns into a watery mist upon impact with the golf club. As soon as you hit it, it vanishes. Upon impact, this ball explodes as it has a thin white plastic covering. Inside this plastic covering is tightly contained water.

Best Exploding Golf Balls

Following is the list of 4 exploding golf balls and some claim that they have the world’s loudest golf ball explosion.

Shanker Golf Exploding Balls

The Shanker Golf Exploding Balls are an absolute fun pack on the golf course. if you want non-stop laughter on the golf course, try these exploding golf balls. They look just like real golf balls as they have replicated the typography style of Callaway Golf, but the moment these balls are hit, they burst into a harmless cloud of dust.

explosive golf balls

We highly recommend it for a good laugh. You can check the price of this pack of 3 balls below and let the fun begin. These balls can be the perfect golf gift for Christmas or birthdays.

Trick GolfBalls

If you want a complete pack of fun balls, this is what you need. In the box, you will have all 4 balls. It will be Exploder golf ball, JetStreamer, Phantom, and Unputtable. They promise that four different fun moments await with each surpassing the other. It is an excellent golf-present pack suitable for birthdays, bachelor parties, Christmas, or any golfer with an abundance of possessions, including a well-developed sense of humor.

exploding golf ball prank

When it explodes into a cloud of white dust upon impact, there will be a comical comment or two.

Izzo Golf Exploder Balls

These Exploder Balls are incredibly realistic with four white, dimpled, plastic golf balls that mimic the size and appearance of a real golf ball. Upon impact, they disintegrate into a burst of white cloud, making for a hilarious prank that is sure to elicit laughter. These exploding golf balls are a fantastic gift idea for birthdays, holidays, bachelor parties, or casual backyard games.

Golf exploder Balls

POP Explosive Golf Balls

POP is an emerging brand of exceptional exploding golf balls. Unlike other powder golf balls, these are heavier and offer the feel and look of a real golf ball. The pack includes 3 balls and they offer a money-back guarantee for up to 30 days. If the ball explodes without much of a thwack when you hit it or if it damages the equipment, you can claim the amount. This is the perfect funny gag golf gift for any person who likes golf and fun.

best exploding golf balls

Another leading manufacturer of loud exploding golf balls is Shock’d Golf Balls.

Exploding Golf Ball Prank Setup

Setting up the exploding golf balls for pranks on the golf course is simple and sure to add some laughter to your game. Follow these steps:

Select Your Victims: Choose fellow golfers with a good sense of humor who will appreciate the prank.

Prepare the Balls: Ensure your exploding golf balls are in your golf bag or pocket, ready to be swapped with real golf balls discreetly.

Timing is Key: Wait for the right moment, preferably when the golfer you are pranking is teeing off or putting.

Switcheroo: Swiftly replace their real golf ball with the explosive golf ball while they are not looking. Be sneaky and quick.

Enjoy the Show: Once your friend hits the ball, watch as it explodes into a cloud of white smoke, and be ready for their reaction.

Share the Gag: Embrace the laughter and enjoy the light-hearted moment with your fellow golfers.

Remember to use exploding golf balls responsibly and only on golfers who will find the prank amusing. It is all about adding fun to the fairway. If you want to do it yourself, all you have to do is tee it up and hit it in the air and record yourself for some amazing Golf Instagram Reels.

Reviews of the Golfers

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FAQs about Exploding Golf Balls

Can golf balls explode?

No, golf balls are not designed to explode upon impact, regardless of the force applied during a swing.

What should I do if I encounter an exploding golf ball?

If you suspect your golf ball has exploded, it’s more likely a prank ball. Enjoy the humor and continue your game with a new ball.

Can exploding golf balls cause injuries?

Prank golf balls are designed to create a surprise effect, not harm. They are not intended to cause injuries.

Are there any safety precautions I should take to avoid exploding golf balls?

There are no specific safety precautions needed for traditional golf balls, as they do not explode under normal circumstances.

Are there any other types of prank golf equipment?

While prank golf balls are the most common, there are also novelty golf tees, clubs, and accessories that can add humor to your game.

Final Words

Exploding golf balls may be an entertaining story to share on the golf course, but they are not a genuine hazard in the game. Understanding the science behind golf ball construction and considering the possibility of loud exploding golf balls can help golfers enjoy their game without worrying about spontaneous explosions.

Our best pick is the Shanker Exploding Golf Ball based on its performance and ability to deliver.

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